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Meet the Netdata Community: Climbing to New Heights with Adrien

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Blog, Community

Our ongoing Meet the community series focuses on global Netdata community members. Learn about their hobbies, who they are, and how they use Netdata. This installment features freelance consultant Adrien Nayrat, a PostgreSQL DBA out of France who loves to climb and help with the Postgres plugin for Netdata.


Introduce yourself, what you do, and your current job role.

I’m Adrien from Valence (in France not in Spain ^^). I am a PostgreSQL DBA since 2015.

How are you using Netdata and what do you like so far?

I do not use Netdata very often, but I really like the tons of metrics that Netdata can provide.

A few years ago, I noticed Netdata has a few metrics; thus, I contributed by adding more metrics. Since then, I have been solicited to review changes around the Postgres plugin.

What are some fun hobbies that you have?

As soon as I can, I got outside to climb ^^

Thank you, Adrien, for taking the time out for this interview and helping with the Postgres plugin! It’s apparent that you have a passion for climbing, especially from this photo that you shared!

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