Powerful Visualizations and Dashboards

Netdata revolutionizes system monitoring with its powerful dashboarding capabilities. Gain immediate access to real-time visualizations of every metric without any additional configuration or effort. Our summary dashboards provide comprehensive overviews, enabling you to swiftly make informed decisions about your infrastructure.

Out of the Box Dashboarding

Step into the new era of system monitoring with Netdata’s out of the box dashboarding. Designed for real-time and low-latency performance, every Netdata dashboard breathes with your infrastructure, reflecting changes as they happen. Each dashboard automatically visualizes every collected metric, making all information immediately available, without any additional configuration or effort.

Summary Dashboards

Grasp the full picture of your system’s performance and health at a glance. Summary dashboards serve as an opinionated comprehensive, high-level overview of your entire infrastructure. These real-time dashboards streamline your focus towards critical system insights, enabling swift and informed decisions without spending valuable time and resources in building new dashboards from scratch.

Elimination of the Query Language

Say goodbye to the complexity of query languages. Netdata’s AI Insights & Rapid Diagnostics take on the heavy lifting, pulling and aggregating multi-dimensional statistics in real-time, eliminating the need for manual queries. This innovative feature simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting, delivering an easy and efficient experience that doesn’t require specialized skills or a deep understanding of underlying metrics.

NIDL Framework

Enhance your system understanding with the power of the Nodes, Instances, Dimensions, and Labels (NIDL) framework. Our real-time query engine, aided by the NIDL framework, provides comprehensive statistics and contributions for each system element. This allows you immediately and easily slice, dice and filter data to reveal all the hidden details in them.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Metric Correlations

Our dashboards allow for real-time, multi-dimensional scoring and grouping of all available metrics. This facilitates understanding of how different metrics relate to each other, finding similarities in their trends and patterns and making it easier to identify their dependencies.

Anomaly Rates and Anomaly Advisor

Stay one step ahead with Anomaly Detection and Netdata’s Anomaly Advisor. Each collected metric is utilized to train a unique Machine Learning model that detects outliers in real-time. Our Anomaly Advisor, alongside our detailed dashboards, helps to spot and understand anomalies in your system, aiding swift problem resolution.

Custom Dashboards

Create your unique narrative with Netdata’s custom dashboards. This feature empowers you to tailor your dashboards according to your specific requirements, focusing on the metrics that matter most to you. Using our automated dashboards as a base you can save thousands of hours of work while creating your customized views.

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