Netdata Agent

The Netdata Agent is what unlocks 2000+ real time metrics from each node it’s installed on, with:

  • Stunning visualizations
  • Single-second granularity
  • Preconfigured alerts
  • and more

Sure you can use the Agent on its own. But you’ll miss out on the more powerful visualizations, anomaly detection, alerts and Metric Correlations that Cloud offers. You’ll also miss out on team-based, any-scale monitoring and troubleshooting.



Netdata Cloud

Netdata Cloud builds on the Agent, adding extra troubleshooting power at any number of nodes or users.

  • Infrastructure-wide composite charts
  • Cloud based alert simplification
  • Advanced anomaly detection and metric correlations
  • Team-based troubleshooting

While you can start with the Netdata Agent and connect it to Cloud at any time, going Cloud-first is key to achieving a shorter mean time to resolution. Just sign in to Netdata Cloud, install the Agent on every physical or virtual server, container or IoT device you wish to monitor, and you’re off.

Get Netdata

Sign in free to Netdata Cloud, connect the Agent and go