Monitor your Squid proxies with Netdata


What is Squid?

Squid is a fully-featured HTTP/HTTPS caching proxy to reduce load times for popular web pages. Netdata is an open-source monitoring agent designed for real-time visual anomaly detection. If you're using Squid HTTP proxy servers, you can use Netdata's pre-built integration with Squid to monitor and troubleshoot debug logging, log analysis, and more.

How to start Squid proxy monitoring with Netdata


Download the Netdata agent  for proxy monitoring

With our out-of-the-box configuration, you'll deploy in hours, not days.


Connect to your Squid proxies

Customize your configuration to monitor all the proxies in your infrastructure.


Explore your Squid monitoring metrics in Netdata

Get insights instantly with pre-built dashboards for debug logging, log analysis, and more.

Why integrate Squid with Netdata?


Get notified of what’s happening with your Squid proxy

Monitoring Squid with Netdata alerts you of bottlenecks and issues before they affect your end users. Set up custom alarms to gauge the health status and potential threats to your proxies. Notifications are enabled to help you detect anomalies using metrics like debug logging, log analysis, and much more.

Netdata's Squid integration is designed for a proactive response when scaling your systems and networks. These metrics are crucial to track and Netdata is able to notify you on potential emerging issues. Utilize Netdata's alarms to fix problems proactively.

Analyze Squid performance with data visualization

Access all of your Squid metrics with pre-built charts or create custom dashboards for your team's specific use-case.

With our preconfigured dashboards, you will have instant access to visualizations with monitoring metrics on debug logging, log analysis, and more. Find root cause analysis answers with intuitive graphs of what's going on within your infrastructure.

Custom dashboards are created using simple HTML. These dashboards are flexible and designed to capture metrics on all of your Netdata servers.


Go beyond simple Squid monitoring

Netdata’s platform lets you take advantage of advanced monitoring functionality.

Get Squid visibility with Netdata’s agent

Netdata's agent provides unlimited metrics, alarms, and dashboards at no cost, so you can scale your monitoring to any number of Squid proxies.

Monitor key performance metrics for Squid

Stay informed on health and performance by monitoring debug logging, log analysis, and much more.

Detailed Squid monitoring at per second intervals

Keep an eye on server requests, responses and bandwidth with 1-second granularity.

Ready to get started with Netdata Squid monitoring?

Install the open-source Netdata agent first, then sign in to Netdata Cloud to see metrics from all your systems in one place!