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Fed up with your Datadog bill? Tired of setting up and maintaining Prometheus & Grafana? Try Netdata today! Feel the pulse of your infrastructure, with high-resolution metrics, journal logs and real-time visualizations.

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Why Netdata?

Netdata is different. Our mission is to help you simplify and optimize your IT operations. Netdata provides high-fidelity data, real-time visualizations, reliable alerts, anomaly detection for every metric and a monitoring experience that is affordable and works out of the box. We take care of all the monitoring complexity, so you can focus on your infra!

Open Source, at the core

Netdata is committed to open-source. The core of the Netdata ecosystem is the open-source Netdata Agent. All the monitoring features Netdata offers are baked into it. The database, the query engine, the scoring engine, the health engine, the machine learning engine, and many more are all open-source, released under GPL3+. Netdata is our gift to the world!

Easy and affordable

Most monitoring solutions rely on centralizing all data. This inevitably leads to increased complexity and cost. Netdata has amazing vertical scalability, and natively supports horizontal scalability. Whether it’s running on bare-metal servers, containers, IoT devices, single-cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid cloud, Netdata provides real-time insights at a marginal cost.

Monitoring should be simple (and fun)

Instead of requiring you to have a deep understanding of what each metric is, and spend huge amounts of time to configure monitoring, Netdata collects, stores, queries, visualizes, alerts and even trains machine learning models for EVERY SINGLE METRIC! So, you are empowered with the ability to understand the metrics while you are exploring your infrastructure and your applications, or while you are troubleshooting issues.

Your data is always On-Prem

Your data is exclusively stored on your systems. Our SaaS offering, Netdata Cloud, ephemerally queries your data in real time from your distributed databases (Netdata Agents), creating a vast horizontally scalable observability pipeline and decentralized database. This allows Netdata to always provide high-resolution and support extreme cardinality, while being easily scalable and ensuring your data is only ever stored on your premises!

Install with one command, two minutes of your time, and zero configuration

Check out the video to see how easy it is to install Netdata from the command line on Linux. Not a Linux user? See the documentation for instructions for Docker, Kubernetes, macOS, and more.

Once you’ve installed Netdata, you’ll have access to thousands of metrics on hundreds of interactive charts that update every second right out of the gate. It’ll even auto-detect and collect metrics your favorite services.

Hundreds of integrations, thousands of metrics, zero configuration.

View real-time metrics from your favorite operating systems, servers, containers, hardware, and applications running in a variety of environments, including on-premises, cloud and hybrid, with a continuously expanding selection of collectors, and send automated alarms about anomalous behavior or performance degradation to your favorite notification apps.

How do others compare with Netdata?

See the difference:

  Netdata Competitors
Monitoring Latency 1-second latency, 1-second granularity, for all metrics, designed for troubleshooting emerging issues in real-time with high-fidelity data. Up to 15 minutes of data collection to visualization latency, 10, 15 or even 60 seconds metrics granularity.
Monitoring Resources The Netdata Agent needs <2% of the CPU resources on modern hardware and about 150MB of RAM. Usually agents are slow and sluggish, centralization points do not scale well requiring huge resources.
Setup and Configuration Just install Netdata and start using it - it also auto-updates, so you can forget about it. Usually a lot of moving parts and painfully long preparation process to get everything right, requiring both skills and time.
Learning Curve Designed for engineers, to be used immediately after installation. Steep, challenging and sometimes a torture. You have to learn each and every metric, new query languages, know Data Science basics, and be an expert in all matters.
Troubleshooting Speculate what the problem might be, validate these assumptions, usually requiring help from a monitoring expert or data scientist, and hope you are right. Ask the software to find the needle in the haystack, by correlating metrics and machine learning anomaly rates, to provide an ordered list of metrics related to any spike or dive.
Dashboards Every single metric is visualized in meaningful, fully automated dashboards. Custom dashboards are supported but not required. The IKEA effect! If you spend time building something, you are going to love it.
Data Privacy Your data stays at your infrastructure – we don’t get it or store it, and can’t share it or sell it. It depends.
Time to value Potentially just minutes. Typically weeks.

What people say about Netdata

Netdata allowed us to get up and running quickly, without spending valuable time building the dashboards our internal customers expected. Thanks Netdata!
We were able to troubleshoot and root cause some underlying long nagging issues in the network using Netdata that were not identified with existing monitoring tools for ages. The biggest positive of Netdata is that it has all the data needed to correlate and troubleshoot any issue and you will be having one of the most powerful monitoring tools.

While running application and data migrations, the engineering team needed a frequent sampling of performance data to locate bottlenecks and identify where changes are required. Most monitoring solutions collect samples every 5 minutes to 1 hour - this renders inaccurate outdated statistical graphs, more frequent sampling usually leads to problems managing and querying vast amounts of centrally stored data.

All of this was resolved by using Netdata, with the ability to create rooms and groups of nodes to monitor and retrieve statistics per 1 second. You say it, they play it!

Having a detailed overview of what our Systems are doing at any given point in time was always something we were looking for. Not only for us internally, but also to be as transparent as possible towards our more curious Clients. Netdata enables us to show system stats like no other Tool. We set up a local parent node in no time and now our entire infrastructure is monitored in real time, with insane detail, visible to us and all our Clients.
Netdata has been a key solution for our server monitoring. The alerts are simple to setup and the API allows us to continue to use our in-house ticketing system. Quickly bringing monitoring across datacentres and providers into a single platform has saved us many hours, and reduced the learning curve.
Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Netdata actively supports and is a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)

…and due to your love ❤️, it is one of the most ⭐'d projects in the CNCF landscape!

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