Netdata stands out in the observability industry by addressing key cultural faults that have traditionally hindered effective monitoring and troubleshooting.

Feature comparison

Data Collection 1-second granularity, for all metrics, designed for troubleshooting emerging issues in real-time with high-fidelity data. Not real-time. Granularity varies per type of metric, and time frame, and is measured in minutes and not seconds.
Time to value Potentially just minutes. Designed for engineers, to be used immediately after installation. Typically weeks. Steep, challenging and sometimes a torture. You have to learn each and every metric, new workflows, and become an expert.
Dashboards Every single metric is visualized in meaningful, fully automated dashboards. Custom dashboards are supported but not necessary. Pre-packaged dashboards do not include every single metric. Building custom dashboards is time consuming and necessary.
Data Privacy Your data is stored at the source, your premises – we don’t store it, and can’t share it or sell it. Most commercial monitoring solutions store your data on their cloud and visualize them centrally.
Scalability and Flexibility Exceptional vertical and horizontal scalability while handling high data volume and velocity. Minimal traffic egress costs. Often struggles with scalability challenges such as high data volumes, resource constraints, and high traffic egress costs.
Community Netdata has an active and vibrant open source community and is one of the top starred projects on the CNCF landscape. Commercial solutions lack the diversity and vibrancy of OSS communities.
Cost of Ownership Cost-effective and transparent pricing. Zero hidden costs. Often carries hidden costs that increase the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over time.

Why engineers choose Netdata

  • Real-Time Data as a Standard, Not an Exception

    In the observability space, where even milliseconds matter, many solutions rely on data intervals of 10, 30, or 60 seconds, which is effectively looking back in time rather than monitoring in real-time. Netdata breaks this norm by committing to per-second data collection, ensuring a real-time view of system performance. This approach is not just an option but a default standard for all metrics that allow it, enabling early detection and resolution of issues.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring, with Unlimited Metrics

    Many monitoring tools advocate for cherry-picking metrics, potentially overlooking critical insights. Netdata adopts a comprehensive monitoring strategy, ensuring every collected metric has a corresponding chart by default. This approach is particularly valuable during critical situations, like outages at 3AM, where the necessary data is already available and visualized, eliminating the need to create charts in the midst of a crisis.

  • Real-Time Metrics Without Cherry Picking

    Netdata is preferred for its ability to provide real-time metrics without the need for cherry-picking. It collects every metric every second, which means engineers don’t have to spend time determining what to monitor. This comprehensive coverage ensures that no critical metric is overlooked, making it an ideal tool for detailed and immediate system analysis.

  • Actionable Insights over Data Overload

    Netdata recognizes that IT monitoring is primarily a task for developers and operations teams, not data scientists. By employing advanced data science techniques, Netdata transforms complex data into clear, actionable insights. This approach allows users to focus on issue resolution rather than deciphering overwhelming data.

  • Opinionated Dashboards with Knowledge built-in

    Netdata is designed with the understanding that no individual can know every metric and its implications. It acts as a partner, embedding expertise into its tools to assist users in comprehending their system metrics. This approach is critical in making informed decisions without requiring encyclopedic knowledge of the metrics.

  • Intuitive Solutions over Complex Queries

    While traditional query editors assume users know exactly what to ask, Netdata flips this script. It aims to present answers first, guiding users to uncover the root causes of issues - an approach that reveals questions users might not know they needed to ask.

  • Out of the box Dashboards, Alerts & Anomalies

    Setting up dashboards and alerts can be a time-consuming task, often involving manual configuration for each metric and chart. Netdata offers pre-configured dashboards, anomaly detection and alerts, tailored for standard systems and applications, saving valuable setup time and enabling immediate, effective monitoring.

  • Decentralized for Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness

    Centralized architectures in traditional monitoring tools can create bottlenecks and escalate costs. Netdata’s decentralized model allows for infinite scalability, both horizontally and vertically, without the associated cost surge. This ensures that Netdata's total cost of ownership remains unparalleled in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Netdata's approach to real-time data collection compare to other monitoring solutions in the industry?

Netdata sets a standard in the industry with per-second data collection for all metrics that allow it, ensuring real-time system performance monitoring. This contrasts with many monitoring solutions where data intervals range from 10 to 60 seconds, leading to less immediate insights and potentially delayed issue resolution.

What differentiates Netdata's monitoring strategy from typical industry practices?

Unlike many tools that recommend cherry-picking metrics, Netdata provides comprehensive monitoring by default. Every metric collected is automatically visualized, ensuring critical data is readily available, especially during urgent situations like system outages.

How does Netdata ensure actionable insights over data overload?

Netdata employs advanced data science techniques to transform complex data into clear, actionable insights. This approach is tailored for IT teams and developers, focusing on issue resolution and intuitive understanding, rather than overwhelming them with raw data.

What makes Netdata's dashboards more intuitive compared to traditional industry solutions?

Netdata offers opinionated dashboards with built-in knowledge, aiding users in understanding their system metrics without requiring extensive expertise. This contrasts with many traditional tools that often require users to have in-depth knowledge of metrics for effective monitoring.

How does Netdata simplify the user experience compared to standard query-based monitoring tools?

Netdata reverses the typical approach of query editors by providing answers first, guiding users to the root causes of issues. This intuitive solution helps uncover critical questions that users might not even realize they need to ask.

What advantages does Netdata offer with its pre-configured dashboards and alerts?

Netdata eliminates the time-consuming setup of dashboards and alerts common in the industry. It offers pre-configured, out-of-the-box solutions tailored for standard systems and applications, enabling immediate and effective monitoring without manual configuration.

In terms of scalability and cost, how does Netdata compare to other monitoring tools?

Netdata’s decentralized architecture enables infinite scalability without significant cost increases, a stark contrast to the centralized models of traditional tools which can lead to bottlenecks and escalating costs. This model ensures that Netdata remains cost-effective and scalable for organizations of any size.

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