Infrastructure Monitoring at Scale

Stream any metrics from every physical and virtual server, container and IoT device, to one dashboard, in real-time. Drive down time to resolution with team-based, intelligence-assisted troubleshooting.

Why Netdata is your most complete monitoring solution

Rapid setup, Full Automation, Easy to Use

  • Start monitoring today. Install Netdata with one simple command and transform your monitoring experience in mere seconds, featuring fully automated dashboards and hundreds of preconfigured alerts.

  • Netdata amplifies your observability skills and turbocharges your troubleshooting, while keeping things simple and manageable.

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1000+ Plugins and Integrations, still Open and Extensible

  • Monitor anything, with hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations for systems, containers and applications, all using open standards.

  • Netdata seamlessly integrates with your software stack, helping you set the stage, not just play the part.

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Fast, Real-Time, High-Fidelity and Low Latency

  • Get immediate actionable insights, revealing the micro-behavior of systems and applications.

  • Watch your systems and applications breathe, every pulse, every change, in real-time. With Netdata you’re not just tracking, you’re living the narrative.

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Powerful Visualizations and Dashboards

  • Delve deep into your data, pivot, filter, and grasp any dataset without battling cryptic queries.

  • With just a few clicks, slice and dice the data and illuminate their story, right from your UI.

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Powerful Alerts and Notifications

  • Unleash the power of real-time, comprehensive, and intelligent alerting.

  • With dozens of preconfigured alerts covering every aspect of your systems, to fully automated actions, you are not just on top of issues, but steps ahead of them.

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AI-powered Anomaly Detection

  • Empower your monitoring with AI-driven anomaly detection that’s fully automated, unsupervised, and running at the edge.

  • Let Netdata breathe life into your data, providing you a dedicated AI companion for each metric. See the unseen, anticipate the unforeseen, and decode anomalies into foresight.

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Scalable and Flexible

  • With unparalleled vertical power, virtually limitless horizontal expansion, and efficient long-term retention, Netdata grows as you grow.

  • From intense, single-node systems to vast, multi-cloud networks.

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Scalable and Flexible

Cost Efficient

  • Achieve peak monitoring efficiency without breaking the bank.

  • Netdata’s smart distributed design minimizes your resource footprint, yet maximizes scalability and performance. Get the best without spending the most.

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Cost Efficient

Security & Data Privacy

  • Designed with a deep respect for data privacy and security, Netdata ensures your metrics data live only inside your infrastructure.

  • Our commitment to rigorous Open Source Security Foundation standards means your data sovereignty is more than just a policy - it’s our mission.

  • Netdata keeps your data safe, secure, and always in your hands.

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Security & Data Privacy

Current Release v1.41.0

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Release v1.40.0 Highlights

  • Dashboard Sections' Summary Tiles - Added summary tiles to most sections of the fully-automated dashboards, to provide an instant view of the most important metrics for each section.
  • Silencing of Cloud Alert Notifications - Maintenance window coming up? Active issue being checked? Use the Alert notification silencing engine to mute your notifications.
  • Machine Learning - Extended Training to 24 Hours - Netdata now trains multiple models per metric, to learn the behavior of each metric for the last 24 hours. Trained models are persisted on disk and are loaded back on Netdata restart.
  • Rewritten SSL Support for the Agent - Netdata Agent now features a new SSL layer that allows it to reliably use SSL on all its features, including the API and Streaming.

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Release v1.39.1 Highlights

This patch release provides the following bug fixes:

  • Claiming and enabling auto-updates have been failing due to incorrect permissions when was doing a static installation. The issue has affected all static installations, including the one done from the Windows MSI installer. The permissions were corrected.
  • The recipient lists of agent alert notifications are configurable via the health_alarm_notify.conf file. A stock file with default configurations can be modified using edit-config. A user noticed that the default settings in that file can make changing role recipients confusing. Unless the edited configuration file included every setting of the original stock file, the resulting behavior was unintuitive. A was added PR to fix the handling of custom role recipient configurations.
  • A bug in our collection and reporting of Infiniband bandwidth was discovered and fixed.
  • We noticed memory buffer overflows under some very specific conditions. We adjusted the relevant buffers and the calls to strncpyz to prevent such overflows.
  • A memory leak in certain circumstances was found in the ACLK code. We fixed the the incorrect data handling that caused it.
  • An unrelated memory leak was discovered in the ACLK code and has also been fixed.
  • Exposing the anomaly rate right on top of each chart in Netdata Cloud surfaced an issue of bad ML models on some very noisy metrics. We addressed the issue by suppressing the indications that these noisy metrics would produce. This change gives the ML model a chance to improve, based on additional collected data.
  • Finally, we improved the handling of errors during ML transactions, so that transactions are properly rolled back, instead of failing in the middle.

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Release v1.39.0 Highlights

  • Netdata Charts v3.0 - A new era for monitoring charts. Powerful, fast, easy to use. Instantly understand the dataset behind any chart. Slice, dice, filter and pivot the data in any way possible!
  • Windiows support - Windows hosts are now first-class citizens. Users can now enjoy out-of-the-box monitoring of over 200 metrics from your Windows systems and the services that run on them.
  • Virtual nodes and custom labels - Access to more monitoring superpowers for managing medium to large infrastructures. With custom labels and virtual hosts, you can easily organize your infrastructure and ensure that troubleshooting is more efficient.
  • Major upcoming changes - Separate packages for data collection plugins, mandatory zlib, no upgrades of existing installs from versions prior to v1.11.
  • Bar charts for functions - New charts were added on the Functions tab to help users better visualize the data presented.
  • Opsgenie notifications for Business Plan users - Opsgenine alert nofitification integration was made availabe from Netdata Cloud.

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