Want more from your monitoring platform than what CheckMK offers? Monitor unlimited metrics in real time with fully automated dashboards, pre-configured alerts and anomaly detection! Try Netdata today.

Key Highlights

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Out of the box dashboards, alerts & ML
  • Decentralized architecture, data always on prem
  • 800+ integrations, unlimited metrics
  • Check-based monitoring (up/down monitoring)
  • Limited visibility (very few metric, no logs)
  • Agent is a shell script, listening at a port, running as root!
  • Complicated, severely limited, poorly designed

Feature comparison

Data Collection The most efficient edge-based monitoring solution available today, supporting high-resolution (per-second) data collection and visualization. Simple shell script running commands once every minute (as root!) to collect limited data coupled with status information and send them to a checkmk server.
Integrations 800+ integrations, providing complete technology coverage, supporting auto-detection and auto-discovery of system components and applications. A handful of integrations available out of the box. Plugins need to be installed and configured manually. Non-trivial installation and maintenance.
System Services Monitoring Continously monitors all system services, providing high-resolution resource usage and performance, coupled with detailed views of services, units and their logs. Provices basic aggregated data about system services, without any performance data per service.
Processes Monitoring Continously monitors the entire process tree, providing high-resolution resource usage and performance over time, including live views of the running processes. Provides basic aggregated data about processes created and running, without any information per process.
Containers and VMs Monitoring Continously monitors all containers and VMs technologies (docker, lxc, systemd, kubernetes, KVM, libvirt, qemu, Proxmox, OpenShift, etc), to provide detailed resource usage and performance data per container and VM. Provides basic aggregated data about running containers and VMs, without any information per container and VM.
Network Performance Monitoring Monitors everything about the networking stack, including all kernel stacks, protocols and network interfaces. Provides live information about all network connections of all running processes. Provides aggregated networking data about network interfaces.
A.I. & Machine Learning Netdata trains multiple machine learning to learn of the behavior of all metrics using their recent past and is able to reliably detect anomalies in real-time. Not available.
Cost Transparency Straightforward pricing with no hidden costs, promoting holistic observability of the monitored infrastructure. Pricing is in steps of services monitored, where a service is every check done.
Alerts Pre-configured, intelligent alerts with sophisticated notification methods out of the box. Customizable alerting system but typically requires manual setup.
Maintenance Low-maintenance due to automated dashboards and alerts, minimal manual intervention required. Requires regular maintenance and manual setup, especially during scaling.

Why engineers choose Netdata

  • Per-Second Data Granularity

    Netdata excels with its per-second data collection across all metrics that allow it, offering unparalleled detail and immediacy for issue detection and resolution. This contrasts with CheckMK’s variable data collection intervals, which may not provide the same level of granularity or rapid analysis, a potential limitation in fast-changing IT environments.

  • Real-Time Monitoring for Instant Insights

    Designed for real-time data collection, Netdata ensures immediate updates on dashboards, crucial for quick decision-making. CheckMK, while offering real-time capabilities, generally leans towards a polling interval approach, which may not be as effective in scenarios requiring instant data feedback.

  • Decentralized Scalability

    Netdata’s decentralized architecture facilitates seamless scalability in diverse environments, an advantage over CheckMK’s more centralized structure that can grow complex as the scale and scope of monitoring increases.

  • Extensive Monitoring Integrations

    Over 800 integrations in Netdata are ready for immediate deployment with zero-configuration discovery. CheckMK, focusing mainly on network, server, and application monitoring, might require more effort for integration setup, especially for more specialized monitoring needs.

  • Ready-to-Use Alerts and Notifications

    Netdata provides a suite of out-of-the-box alerts tailored to immediate monitoring needs, along with multiple notification methods. This feature stands out against more configuration-intensive approaches.

  • Cost-Effective with Transparent Pricing

    Netdata stands out for its straightforward, transparent pricing model, ensuring a predictable total cost of ownership. CheckMK scales up in cost with additional features and larger deployments, may present more variable costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Netdata's data collection granularity compare to CheckMK?

There can be no comparison between Netdata and Checkmk for data collection. Netdata is a sophisticated edge monitoring solution providing high-resolution insights for every aspect of the monitored systems and their applications, while Checkmk is a simple shell wrapper running terminal commands once every minute to collect a bunch of data.

Which is more scalable in diverse environments, Netdata or CheckMK?

Netdata is the most high-performant time-series database available today, with recognized real-time performance and efficiency by multiple industry experts and researchers. Netdata’s decentralized architecture allows for seamless scalability in diverse environments, making it highly adaptable to various monitoring needs. CheckMK is a simple application that periodiaclly collects some data from remotely running shell scripts.

What are the maintenance requirements of Netdata compared to CheckMK?

Netdata is low-maintenance, thanks to its automated dashboards and alerts, but also due to its sophisticated packaging, service detection and discovery, requiring minimal manual intervention. CheckMK, on the other hand, requires manual installation, updates, and significantly more work to set it up and keep it running.

How does the alerting system in Netdata compare to that in CheckMK?

Netdata features hundreds of pre-configured alerts with extensive customization options, utilizing advanced statistical and machine learning algorithms, making it efficient for diverse monitoring scenarios. CheckMK, provides primitive alerting capabilities based on the running checks.

Does Netdata offer services to help customers migrate from CheckMK?

Yes, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help you migrate your observability needs to Netdata.

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