Is Dynatrace too expensive for too little value? If you’d prefer to save on cost while enjoying better coverage, 1-second data granularity, longer data retention and improved data privacy! Try Netdata today.

Key Highlights

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Out of the box dashboards, alerts & ML
  • Decentralized architecture, data always on prem
  • 800+ integrations, unlimited metrics
  • AI-driven IT operations management
  • Automated problem detection and resolution
  • Extensive enterprise-level monitoring
  • Can be complex to configure
  • High cost, complex pricing model

Feature comparison

Data Collection 1-second granularity for all metrics that allow it, ideal for detailed performance analysis and troubleshooting. Varies by metric; some high-fidelity data available, but typically optimized for longer aggregation intervals.
Visualization High-resolution, low-latency dashboards for immediate insights. Sophisticated visualization tools; however, they may not always provide immediate post-collection visibility.
Scalability Decentralized architecture enables exceptional vertical and horizontal scalability while handling high data volume and velocity. Minimal traffic egress costs. Scalable but leverages a more centralized approach, which can introduce complexity in large-scale deployments. Incurs high egress costs.
Alerts Hundreds of ready to use and powerful out-of-the-box alerts - zero configuration required. Customizable alerts are also supported. Powerful, customizable alerting capabilities, but may require more effort to set up and fine-tune.
Cost of Ownership Cost effective and transparent pricing. Zero hidden costs. Pricing is often based on host units, digital experience monitoring, and other factors, which may not be as transparent. Hidden costs add up quickly.

Why engineers choose Netdata

  • Real Time Data Collection

    Netdata’s 1-second granularity for all metrics that allow it is crucial for troubleshooting real-time issues and quickly identifying emerging anomalies, ensuring more precise monitoring and faster response times. This is crucial for detecting and resolving short-lived issues, a significant advantage over Dynatrace’s typical longer aggregation intervals.

  • Decentralized Architecture

    Netdata’s decentralized architecture facilitates exceptional scalability, both vertically and horizontally. It efficiently handles high volumes of data with minimal traffic egress costs, a notable advantage over Dynatrace’s primarily centralized model where the egress costs can quickly add up.

  • Strong Community

    Netdata has a huge and vibrant open-source community that helps turbo charge our solution with ongoing contributions and support.

  • Ready-to-Use Alerts and Notifications

    Netdata provides a suite of out-of-the-box alerts tailored to immediate monitoring needs, along with multiple notification methods. This feature stands out against Dynatrace’s powerful but configuration-intensive alerting system.

  • Transparent and Cost-Effective Pricing

    Netdata offers transparent pricing for SaaS and on-prem and comes with zero hidden costs. This contrasts with Dynatrace’s variable pricing, which can fluctuate based on a variety of factors including what you monitor.

  • Low Maintenance

    Netdata offers a low-maintenance solution with automated features for dashboards, alerts, and machine learning. Dynatrace requires a more significant degree of maintenance and configuration, especially as environments scale and evolve.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the data granularity in Netdata compare to Dynatrace for monitoring purposes?

Netdata offers 1-second granularity for all metrics, providing detailed performance analysis and immediate troubleshooting capabilities. Dynatrace, while providing high-fidelity data, typically uses longer aggregation intervals, which may not be as effective in capturing quick, transient anomalies.

Is Netdata more cost-effective than Dynatrace for large-scale monitoring?

Yes, Netdata is generally more cost-effective, especially for scaling organizations. Its transparent pricing and low operational overhead make it budget-friendly, without hidden costs. In contrast, Dynatrace’s enterprise-focused pricing model can be more expensive, especially as deployment scales and additional features are utilized.

Can both Netdata effectively monitor cloud-based and on-premise environments?

Yes, Netdata is capable of monitoring both cloud-based and on-premise environments.

Which is more scalable in complex environments, Netdata or Dynatrace?

Netdata’s decentralized architecture allows for exceptional scalability and flexibility in complex environments. Dynatrace is scalable but relies on a more centralized approach, which can introduce complexity and potential bottlenecks in extensive deployments.

Does Netdata offer services to help customers migrate from Dynatrace?

Yes, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help you migrate your observability needs to Netdata.

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