Want to transition from PRTG to a modern observability solution? Monitor unlimited metrics in real time with fully automated dashboards, pre-configured alerts and anomaly detection! Try Netdata today.

Key Highlights

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Lightweight and fast
  • Out of the box dashboards, alerts & ML
  • Decentralized architecture, data always on prem
  • 800+ integrations, unlimited metrics
  • Comprehensive network monitoring
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Flexible alerting system
  • Primarily Windows-centric
  • Limited scalability in larger networks

Feature comparison

Data Collection Per-second granularity for all metrics, providing high-resolution insights for troubleshooting. Typically 1-minute intervals for scanning but can be adjusted down to 30 seconds.
Visualization Real-time, low-latency dashboards providing immediate insight into collected data. Customizable dashboards with real-time data presentation but can have latency issues.
Machine Learning Uses unsupervised anomaly detection on every metric to identify issues proactively. No native machine learning capabilities for anomaly detection.
Alerts Hundreds of ready to use {{< greenHighlight >}} out-of-the-box alerts. {{< /greenHighlight >}} Customizable alerting capabilities, but may require more effort to set up and fine-tune.
Cost of Ownership Cost effective and transparent pricing. Zero hidden costs. License-based pricing; cost increases with the number of sensors and range of features.

Why engineers choose Netdata

  • Unlimited Metrics

    Netdata stands out with its ability to offer unlimited metrics. This is crucial for complex environments where extensive data collection is key. In contrast, PRTG, while robust, may have limitations on the number of metrics monitored based on licensing tiers, which restricts monitoring capabilities in larger, more intricate setups.

  • Consolidate all your monitoring needs

    With over 800 integrations, Netdata excels in versatility, allowing monitoring of virtually every system and application component. This extensive range dwarfs PRTG’s capabilities, offering a more adaptable and wide-ranging monitoring solution that can fit into diverse IT ecosystems with minimal effort.

  • Advanced Visualization for Immediate Insights

    Netdata’s powerful visualization tools provide high-resolution, low-latency dashboards, designed for immediate clarity and rapid data-driven decision-making. Netdata’s focus on real-time data analysis with minimal delay gives users a more efficient tool for monitoring and responding to system changes.

  • Ready-to-Use Alerts and Notifications

    Netdata provides a suite of out-of-the-box alerts tailored to immediate monitoring needs, along with multiple notification methods. This feature stands out against PRTG’s more configuration-intensive approach.

  • Automated Machine Learning for Every Metric

    Netdata ships with out of the box unsupervised machine learning for anomaly detection across all metrics. This provides users with insightful, real-time analysis without additional configuration, a feature that PRTG does not match at the same level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Netdata have any limits to the number of metrics that can be monitored on a device?

No, Netdata always offers unlimited metrics, no matter the plan or offering you use. We strongly believe that there should be no compromises on being able to visualize your infrastructure metrics.

Is Netdata more cost-effective than PRTG for comprehensive monitoring?

Netdata offers significantly more value in terms of the cost you are paying for comprehensive monitoring, offering a wide range of features without charging per metric. While PRTG’s initial cost is lower, its sensor-based pricing model and focus on network monitoring can limit broader system visibility, making Netdata a more economical choice for extensive monitoring needs.

How does the data granularity and collection in Netdata compare to PRTG?

Netdata offers per-second granularity for all metrics, providing detailed insights for in-depth troubleshooting. PRTG typically scans at 1-minute intervals, which can be adjusted down to 30 seconds, but this is less granular compared to Netdata’s high-resolution data collection.

Which offers a broader range of integrations, Netdata or PRTG?

Netdata provides over 800 integrations, offering comprehensive monitoring capabilities across various systems and services. PRTG also supports a wide variety of sensors for different services but may not match the extensive range of integrations available with Netdata.

How do the machine learning capabilities for anomaly detection in Netdata compare to PRTG?

Netdata uses unsupervised machine learning for anomaly detection across all metrics, enhancing proactive issue identification. PRTG does not have native machine learning capabilities for anomaly detection, relying more on traditional threshold-based alerts.

Does Netdata offer services to help customers migrate from PRTG?

Yes, please reach out to us and we would be happy to help you migrate your observability needs to Netdata.

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