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At Netdata, our ultimate goal is to make it simpler and easier for everyone to understand and manage the technology that runs the world.

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Unlock the full potential of Monitoring

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Your contributions to Netdata help push the boundaries of observability and create a better experience for developers and users. Join us in helping more people troubleshoot ever more complex IT infrastructure.

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Innovate and shape the future of Monitoring

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The thriving community of Netdata includes talented System Administrators, DevOps Engineers, SREs, Developers, Homelab hobbyists, and other IT professionals and troubleshooters. Hang out with like minded people, share knowledge and collaborate on projects that redefine how monitoring is done.

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Collaborate with Monitoring Experts

The Netdata way of monitoring

When no available tool could help Costa Tsaousis identify his own infrastructure problem, he invented one that could.
In this interview the Founder, CEO, and Chief Troublemaker of Netdata tells us how his invention went viral, how Netdata transforms monitoring and troubleshooting with auto-deployment, real-time monitoring, and machine learning, and how he plans to keep Netdata free, forever.

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