Netdata integrations

Technology integrations

The Netdata Agent works with hundreds of pre-built plugins to instantly collect thousands of metrics from systems and apps.

Monitor your critical infrastructure with Netdata

View real-time metrics from your favorite operating systems, hardware, applications, and other monitoring solutions with an always-expanding selection of collectors. Then, send alarms about anomalous behavior or performance degradation to your favorite notification apps.

Netdata auto-detection


Supports auto-detection and zero configuration for most applications and systems.

Netdata metrics

Real-time metrics

Every metric is on your dashboard in less than one second from collection to visualization.

Netdata plugins


Packaged with hundreds of collectors, plus it’s open source and extensible to make third-party plugins possible.

Here’s a selection of some of the most popular applications and services you can monitor with Netdata.

Integrations by type

Service & application collectors

Get real-time metrics via pre-installed collectors for hundreds of applications and services.

System collectors

Monitor and troubleshoot with critical system-level metrics.


Stay on top of all of your status alarms by taking advantage of Netdata’s notification system that supports all of these services.


Archive all the metrics collected by Netdata to backends via exporters to archive for long-term storage or further analysis.

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