About NetData

Who we are and why we’re building the best real-time health monitoring and performance troubleshooting solution.

Netdata’s mission

We’re building the future of distributed systems health monitoring and performance troubleshooting.

Now Netdata is used by hundreds of thousands of people at organizations like Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and Nvidia. We’re building simple and powerful tools that help developers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers learn and be more productive with every passing second. We’re building the perfect fit for every headless system in the world.
Press Kit

Press Kit

Download logos, brand guidelines, and other critical assets via our press kit.
The Netdata Community
Over the last 6 years of development, an incredible community of developers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers of all skill levels has grown up around Netdata. These good people volunteer their time and expertise to answer each other’s questions, solve problems, improve documentation, and make Netdata stronger.

And their contributions are essential to our mission of creating a definitive hub of resources to help you build extraordinary infrastructures. We’re thrilled that Netdata is used every day by hundreds of thousands of users, including those at Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Nvidia, and others, but it’s the strength, kindness, and generosity of this community that keeps us going.


Costa Tsaousis
Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Akritidis
Chief Operations Officer
Dimosthenis Kaponis
Chief Technology Officer
Amy Abatangle
Chief Marketing Officer
Dimitris Protogirou
Chief Financial Officer

The Team

Ryan Duffield
VP of Product
Alexandros Prinopoulos
Finance Officer
Ilya Mashchenko
Integration Engineer
Joel Hans
Editorial Director, Educational and Technical Resources
Jennifer Briston
Brand Marketing Manager
Markos Fountoulakis
Senior Software Engineer
Javier Alonso
UI/UX Designer
Vladimir Kobal
Software Engineer
Thiago Marques
Software Engineer
Vassilis Legakis
Software Engineer
Andrew Moss
Senior Software Engineer
Andy Maguire
Senior Machine Learning Engineer
Francesco Casula
Senior Software Engineer
Dmitry Mikryukov
Software Engineer
Mansour Behabadi
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Konstantinos Natsakis
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Evie Moussouras
Administrative Assistant (US)
Nicolás Parada
Backend Developer
Tania Ampatzi
HR & Operations Officer
Jacek Kolasa
Frontend Developer
Max Seliutin
Senior Frontend Developer
Leonidas Vrachnis
Senior Backend Engineer
Stelios Fragkakis
Senior Software Engineer
Manos Saratsis
Senior Product Manager
James Mills
Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Austin Hemmelgarn
Site Reliability Engineer
Timotej Šiškovič
Senior Software Engineer
Hilari Moragrega
Senior Software Engineer
Sergey Kamardin
Senior Software Engineer
Andrzej Windak
Senior UI/UX Designer
Dimitris Makropoulos
Senior Product Manager
Patti Short
Technical Writer

Our Investors

  • Bain Capital
  • Marathon VC