Costa Tsaousis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Costa has built his original idea of a real-time collector into today’s most effective IT infrastructure troubleshooting tool. Previously, he worked for 25 years in the online IT services industry, helping disruptors like, Viva Wallet, and Hellas Online become serious challengers in their fields. Costa is also the primary developer behind FireHOL, a “firewall for humans”, that builds secure, stateful firewalls from easy-to-understand, human-readable configurations.

Chris Akritidis

Chief Operating Officer

Chris rallies the day-to-day efforts of the Netdata team with 15 years of experience in delivering IT-empowered business solutions. Before Netdata, he focused on optimizing performance and efficiency for telecom companies Liberty Global and Forthnet, and Hellas Online.

Dimitris Protogirou

Chief Financial Officer

Dimitris is Netdata’s CFO. He has worked in the US, France, UK, Greece and performed assignments in several other countries. For the last 15 years, he has held CFO and CEO positions in SMEs within the telecoms, pharma and software sectors. Dimitris is experienced with general management, fundraising and transaction execution (both buy and sell side). His most recent positions were CFO of Softomotive in London and CEO of Sourcebits in San Francisco.

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