See how easy it is to install the Netdata agent from the Linux or MacOS command line

Install in seconds from one line of code

Watch this short video to see how easy it is to install the Netdata agent from the Linux or MacOS command line. For installation on Docker, Kubernetes and other OS’s including FreeBSD, start here

Get hands-on to see the real-time monitoring power of Netdata

2,000+ metrics, out of the box

With zero configuration, the Netdata agent collects every metric possible and displays them as addictively gorgeous, living, breathing charts. Try our interactive demo for a hands-on, eye-opening experience.

See what’s happening, as it happens

Real-time monitoring, single-second granularity

Take the guesswork out of troubleshooting with one-millisecond data visualization and single-second granularity. Only with Netdata.

Automated alerts take you straight to anomalies

200+ preconfigured, opinionated alerts

No need to be stuck to your screen. When a metric exceeds its pre-configured level, the Agent will create an entry on your Alerts panel—and send you an instant notification via your selected platform.

Monitor or export to 200+ pre-built integrations

200+ integrations

The Agent auto-detects and integrates with over 200 collectors and exporters, including notification platforms and observability toolsets, as well as 600+ Prometheus endpoints. See all integrations

Get unique Linux kernel insights

Advanced eBPF monitoring, more insights

More metrics, from more Linux kernel versions. Debug black boxes. Monitor network traffic at the highest resolution. Only with Netdata. Learn more

Edge-based anomaly-detecting ML. Wow.

ML-assisted anomaly detection and alerts

Our revolutionary edge-based ML learns what’s “normal” for any node so it can instantly detect and alert you to an emerging anomaly.

Reduce bandwidth pressure with child-parent streaming

Divert work to under-used nodes

Most IoT nodes have limited storage capacity. And you don’t want to bombard your production server with requests. Child-to-parent streaming ensures monitoring won’t hamper performance. Learn more

No drain on existing resource

Unmatched, ultralight operation

Netdata runs permanently on your system with less than 1% CPU utilization, a few MB of RAM and minimal disk I/O. Learn more

Export to observability backends

Export to observability back-ends

Export your metrics to any of 30 popular external time series databases—like Prometheus, ElasticSearch, Graphite and InfluxDB—for long-term storage or further analysis. Learn more

All the help you need.

Need help with a particular installation? Check out the documentation and get all the help you’d like.

Join the open-source community

We wouldn’t be where we are today without all the contributions from this amazing community. Get involved and see how you can start contributing today.

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