Netdata Team

Netdata Team

February 4, 2022

Meet the Netdata Community: Every Company Needs an eBPF Superhero Like Thiago

Connecting Learning and Sharing in the Netdata Ecosystem

Our ongoing Meet the community series focuses on global Netdata community members. In this installment, learn about Netdata staff member and Software Engineer Thiago Marques, who is hard at work building an eBPF.plugin.

Introduce yourself, what you do, and your current job role at Netdata.

I am Thiago Marques, a C developer who works with the data collector team. My primary responsibility in the company is to develop eBPF.plugin.

What has been your favorite moment at Netdata so far and/or in working with the Netdata community?

My favorite moment was when we brought eBPF.plugin giving metrics from the kernel.

Our community is awesome, and I always loved to answer people there and, no less important, to review their PRs. I have so many memories related to community that we would probably need to write more posts to describe everything.

What is your personal favorite Netdata feature?

I share the feelings between the two following features—the TLS support and eBPF.plugin. TLS was one of the first PRs I made for Netdata and considering the protection that data needs, I think it was one of the most important. Now about eBPF.plugin is an area that I have always loved to work in because the kernel is “alive” this means that there are always new features, and I never stop studying.

What is one thing about Netdata that users might have missed that you want to spike out?

I have worked with the documentation team and marketing to show our user’s correlation between charts. Netdata is offering users more than 2000 metrics, we also provide machine learning to help them identify problems in their environment, and a complete understanding of these features goes through the relationship between metrics. I think that probably some users take a look in one specific chart looking for an answer, but the answer can be a few charts below.

As an eBPF developer, I am excited with libbpf 1.0 that I expect this year, but when we work with the kernel, we are always looking at possible new hardware that will arrive in the marketing, and competition between processors factories are always exciting. And of course, the most exciting thing happened yesterday, SLACKWARE 15.0 WAS RELEASED! I do not need to say what my favorite Linux distribution is ;)

What are some fun hobbies that you have?

I love to play with my wife and my little daughter, I also love to study history, and finally, the last fun hobby is more fun for other people than me, but I still love teams from Chicago. I hope Bulls like Sky will have a new championship in the following years, course we cannot forget Bears, Blackhawks, and Cubs (you did not read wrong, I am a Cubs fan, and I watched the 2016 World Series, and when the game 7 ended, I did not believe), but I am not so optimistic with them.

Tell us about the photo you shared for this interview.

This image was taken at Copan – Honduras, and it gives us a global vision of the site and Maya culture. The background has a “ladder” that is, in reality, one of the most beautiful texts from Mesoamerica that I could see. In front of the text, we have a 3D stele of the king, and in front of the stele, we have an altar. The king in the middle is also present in another altar where 16 generations of a family are demonstrated. As you can see, the image brings a mix between historical events, family, and tradition.

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