Netdata Team

Netdata Team

December 7, 2021

Meet the Netdata Community: Rupok Chowdhury Protik Takes Software Engineering and Photography to New Heights

A Game-Changer for DevOps and Developers

In our ongoing Meet the community series, we focus on global Netdata community members. In this installment, learn about Software Engineer and photographer Rupok Chowdhury Protik, including how they use Netdata.

Introduce yourself, what you do, and your current job role.

Hi, I’m Rupok Chowdhury Protik. I’m a PHP Developer with a Master’s degree in Software Engineering. My stack is mainly LAMP/LEMP. I used to work as the Senior Web Application Developer in a multinational company and then later joined Incsub LLC, a WordPress-focused company with people from more than 50 countries. I am currently working in Incsub LLC as a DevOps Support Engineer.

I have been an official organizer of the WordPress Meetup Dhaka Chapter since 2013, and I was one of the organizers of the WordCamp Dhaka International Conference. I am an international speaker. I had my sessions in different conferences, including local and international conferences. I’m also a WordPress Translation Editor for the Bengali language and WordPress Translation Contributor.

How are you using Netdata and what do you like so far?

I came to know about Netdata quite a while ago. I used to use it on my personal and client servers. Currently, at our office, we extensively use Netdata for server analytics and metrics. The part I like most about Netdata is the extremely beautiful visualization capabilities of server statistics. Visualizing a big chunk of critical data is a challenging task, and I personally think, Netdata nailed it. Apart from that, it’s very easy to set up, it has great documentation, a solid codebase, and it’s beginner-friendly. These are the things I like most about Netdata.

What would you like to see us offer next at Netdata?

So far, the latest Netdata release covers all my needs at this point. However, I’ll surely communicate if I find a missing feature that could be helpful for me and others.

What are some fun hobbies that you have?

I have quite a few hobbies. I’m a musician, I had my music band, and we used to do symphonic gothic metal. In addition, whenever I get little time, I play my piano.

I am also a photographer.The following photographs are one of my most favorite shots.

I also read books, sing songs, and I love to travel a lot. I’ve already visited 18 countries. Hopefully, the pandemic will be completely over soon, and I will be able to visit many more beautiful countries.

Enjoy the photography of Rupok Chowdhury Protik with a selection below of photographs they took.