Netdata Team

Netdata Team

March 2, 2022

Netdata Troubleshooting Show: Engineering Team Best Practices in Working with Cloud

Live Demonstrations on Solving Common Monitoring Challenges

Panel: Engineering Team Best Practices in Working with Cloud

The Netdata Troubleshooting Show| Season 1: Episode 2 | Thursday, March 3rd at 9 am PST (UTC/GMT -8)

[Join Live]For engineering teams, working in the cloud has never been easier, but also more complex. Enter a new world of remote working with distributed global teams, new tech challenges, new business realities, security, monitoring, and more.

Join our dynamic panel of experts live(watch here)as they talk about engineering team best practices for those working in the cloud in 2022.

Featuring an engaging question-and-answer session with an after-party onNetdata Discord.


  • Grace Lian,Senior Director of Cloud Software Engineering atIntel.
  • Aaron Lerch, Senior Engineering Manager, Compute Platform atNetflix.@aaronlerch
  • Ralph Meijer, VP of Technology atNetdata.@ralphm

Grace Lian, Senior Director of Cloud Software Engineering atIntel.

As a Senior Director, I lead the Cloud SW Engineering under SATG (Software and Advanced Technology Group) at Intel, responsible for open source cloud software technologies development and enablement, including k8s, OpenStack, Kata containers, Cloud Hypervisor, Envoy, Istio, Ceph, EMCO, and Akraino etc. As part of the Intel corporate cloud software leadership team, I drive the open-source software strategy in the cloud and edge space. I build the connection between strategy and engineering execution. I lead the team with multiple functions in technology pathfinding, software engineering, community advocacy, and program management.

Aaron Lerch, Senior Engineering Manager, Compute Platform atNetflix.@aaronlerch

An experienced senior engineering leader and engineer, I’ve spent over 20 years solving business problems via amazing teams. I specialize in backend product engineering and cloud-based infrastructure automation. I’ve worked across a wide variety of business domains and technical stacks, from C++ and Java at a DoD contractor to .NET in contact center software, to Ruby and Scala and Go at start-ups and scale-ups, from on-premise data centers to AWS-based cloud infrastructure. I’m passionate about the fundamental strength of high-trust teams, clear communication, setting context enabling people to do their best work and own their decisions, and achieving business objectives with technology.

Ralph Meijer, VP of Technology atNetdata.@ralphm

I am a Software Engineer with over 20 years of experience in building distributed systems, and an expert in real-time communications systems. Having worked in startups as well as multinationals as a technical leader, I communicate with and am able to understand and translate between people of other teams and disciplines (legal, product, design). I make relevant connections, and act as a bridge, to gain a complete understanding of (the requirements for) all parts of a system and benefit from others’ work.

My experience drives the balance between security, reliability, privacy, performance, and maintainability of the end result. To stay current, and learn from others, I take part in open-source communities and standards organizations, including serving as Chair of theXMPP Standards Foundation.

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