Powerful Alerts and Notifications

Netdata delivers accurate and reliable real-time alerts, keeping you in tune with your system's rhythm. With fully customizable alerting, create complex rules, choose severity levels, and select delivery methods. Benefit from preconfigured alerts, scale effortlessly with your infrastructure's growth, seamlessly integrate into your workflow, and leverage powerful troubleshooting tools.

Accurate and Reliable Real-Time Alerts

Netdata’s alerting mechanism is designed with precision in mind. It aims to keep the balance between noise and silence, helping you stay on top of what truly matters. With Netdata’s real-time alerting, you’ll be in tune with your system’s rhythm, in sync with the dynamic nature of your operations.

Fully Customizable Alerts

Netdata’s alerting puts you in control. Whether you prefer to work with fixed thresholds, rolling windows, statistical functions or even ML, Netdata will give you the power to easily create complex alerting rules, customize severity levels, and choose delivery methods that best fit your working style.

Preconfigured Alerts Ready to Roll

To kick-start your journey, Netdata comes equipped with a wide range of preconfigured alerts. Crafted by our community, these alerts cover most common performance and reliability issues, helping you feel the heartbeat of your systems from day one.

Scales with Your Growth

Whether you’re overseeing a few cloud VMs or a sprawling distributed hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure, Netdata’s architecture is ready to scale and support you all the way. With Netdata you can build multiple independent metrics centralization points within your infrastructure, each having its own alerts and integrations.

Fits into Your Workflow

Netdata seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. From sending alerts to your preferred communication channels, to interfacing with incident management platforms, Netdata slots into your workflow like a missing puzzle piece.

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Powerful Troubleshooting

Netdata comes with powerful tools to help you troubleshoot alerts. Netdata’s metrics scoring engine can correlate metrics and anomalies, find similarities in their patterns and reveal correlations that otherwise would be impossible to spot. With Netdata you can find the needle in the haystack faster than any other tool.

Self Healing, Automated Response to Incidents

Netdata’s alerting isn’t just about notifications - it’s about timely response. If a common issue pops up that has a known quick fix, Netdata can automate this response, buying you precious time to address the underlying problem. It’s a stopgap solution that bridges the gap from detection to resolution, maintaining your systems' stability while you work on a more permanent fix.

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