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Real-time monitoring and alerting are essential for rapid detection and response to incidents, safeguarding the optimal performance of infrastructure across various industries, such as healthcare, finance and trading, industrial, and more.

Netdata is designed with an emphasis on real-time capabilities, making it a top choice for handling the most demanding environments.

Netdata’s unified, high-performance metrics processing pipeline facilitates seamless integration between data collection, visualization, anomaly detection, metric correlation, and health checks. This enhances efficiency and enables continuous monitoring.

High-Resolution Data with 1-Second Granularity: Uncover Micro-Behavior of Applications and Services

Netdata’s 1-second granularity brings unparalleled insights into the micro-behavior of applications and services, an essential advantage in cloud and microservices environments. This high-resolution data enables engineers to better understand subtle performance variations and interdependencies between components, revealing anomalous behavior and enhancing root cause analysis.

Data Collection to Visualization in less than a second: Critical for Efficient Troubleshooting

Netdata’s ultra-low data collection to visualization latency offers real-time information, allowing engineers to immediately see the results of their actions during troubleshooting. This instant feedback is vital for maintaining system performance and user experience, especially during time-sensitive scenarios, such as late-night incidents.

Engineers can swiftly identify issues, make data-driven decisions, and implement timely solutions, while continuously monitoring the impact of their actions.

Comprehensive Real-Time Anomaly Detection for every single Metric

Netdata provides real-time anomaly detection for all metrics. Each metric has its own dedicated machine learning models, trained based on its historical data, considering the exact workload and usage patterns. This tailored approach allows for rapid response to unusual behavior, proactive remediation, enhanced situational awareness, and optimized system performance.

Real-Time Data Manipulation Without a Query Language: Accelerating Troubleshooting

Netdata’s intuitive data manipulation without a query language increases speed and effectiveness in troubleshooting, providing easy-to-comprehend visualizations for a holistic understanding even of large infrastructures. Engineers can swiftly slice and dice data during crises, obtaining different views on the dataset without requiring specialized skills or in-depth knowledge of the underlying data.

Real-Time Metric Correlations: Uncovering the Connections

Netdata’s real-time metric correlations play a crucial role in uncovering relationships between system components and metrics. This insight enables engineers to conduct faster root cause analysis, better understand the system and make more informed decisions. Additionally, real-time metric correlations enhance identifying anomalous behavior, leading to quicker responses to potential issues and minimizing their impact.

Real-Time Health Checks: Build Confidence

Netdata’s continuous and real-time health checks help maintain system stability and performance. By promptly detecting potential issues, enabling proactive maintenance, and ensuring system reliability, continuous health checks contribute to a high-performing infrastructure, helping engineers to make better-informed decisions and operate more efficiently.

Real-Time Non-Metric Insights with Netdata Functions

Netdata Functions provide real-time non-metric insights, complementing metric data for a more comprehensive understanding of the monitored systems. They enable on-demand execution of standardized and custom functions, allowing engineers to quickly access crucial information for faster troubleshooting. Netdata Functions support the creation of tailored solutions and automation of common tasks, such as restarting processes or services, saving engineers time and eliminating the need to log in to servers or third-party consoles to understand the issue at hand.

Real-Time Streaming and Centralization

Netdata supports real-time streaming of metrics to centralization points with full retention, enabling the creation of multiple metric centralization points within the infrastructure. This increases scalability, performance, high-availability and significantly reduces costs. Additionally, offloading monitoring functions from production servers reduces resource usage freeing up resources for production applications.

Netdata’s dedication to real-time monitoring and alerting, combined with its resource-efficient design, is ideal for demanding environments. With real-time, high-resolution data and powerful real-time analytics, Netdata enables engineers to maintain constant vigilance over their infrastructures, respond swiftly to potential issues, and minimize the impact of incidents on systems’ and applications’ performance and end-user experience.

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