Scalable and Flexible: Your Infra, Your Way

Experience unmatched scalability and flexibility with Netdata's cutting-edge solutions. From extreme vertical scalability performance to infinite horizontal scalability, revolutionize your monitoring capabilities. Embrace geographical freedom, optimize cost efficiency, and ensure data sovereignty. Netdata empowers you to scale and adapt your infrastructure to meet your evolving needs.

Empower your monitoring with unparalleled scalability and flexibility that grows as you grow. With Netdata, you’re in control. Netdata is designed to accommodate your growth, maintain performance, optimize costs, enhance fault tolerance, and support informed decision-making, all crucial elements of effective infrastructure management.

Extreme Vertical Scalability Performance

Netdata’s Open-Source Agent excels in vertical scalability performance, outperforming most other monitoring solutions running on the same hardware. Thanks to our DBENGINE v2, Netdata can actively collect millions of metrics with per-second granularity, all while keeping resource utilization in check. But we’re not stopping at collection - Netdata also features an amazing query performance making dashboards fast and snappy.

Revolutionary Data Collection

Netdata makes efficient use of system resources using sophisticated optimization techniques. Thanks to the NIDL (Nodes, Instances, Dimensions, Labels) framework Netdata splits data collection in parts, allowing it to ingest vast amounts of metric data in real-time.

Smart Database Storage and Rotation

Database storage and rotation are handled automatically, independently, and transparently to data collection. Netdata’s database engine provides smart data retention, using automatic aggregations as time passes, to offer a very long retention period.

Sophisticated Caching for Speed and Efficiency

Each Netdata agent includes a sophisticated query engine, capable of querying dozens of millions of points per second. We achieve this scalability with several indexes for metadata and three levels of caches for metric data, allowing Netdata to provide extreme cache efficiency and query performance.

Infinite Horizontal Scalability

Netdata Cloud is designed to scale horizontally without limits. Each Open-Source Netdata Agent can act as a data collection agent for the node it runs on and as a “parent” for other Netdata agents, ingesting their metrics in real-time and maintaining retention for them. This high-performance streaming and metrics replication feature allows for active-active parent clusters, improved availability of data in case of failures, and distributed data collection.

Scalability Meets Geographical Freedom

Utilizing Netdata’s streaming feature, establish multiple metrics centralization points throughout your infrastructure. These points can operate independently, catering to hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Place centralization points close to your production systems, irrespective of their geographical location, and create a unified system view within Netdata Cloud.

Data Sovereignty: Yours, Always

With Netdata, your data remains always within your premises. Set up hierarchies of centralization points within your infrastructure, each with unique data retention policies, tailored alerts, and customized machine learning features. This decentralized approach not only enhances scalability and flexibility but also optimizes cost efficiency.

In essence, Netdata empowers you with a scalable, flexible, and cost-efficient solution, placing you steps ahead in your monitoring journey while respecting your data privacy.

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