Tor monitoring with Netdata

What is Tor?

Tor is a free, open-source software that enables users to access the internet anonymously. It is designed to protect users from traffic analysis, network surveillance, and other forms of censorship. It is also used by law enforcement agencies and journalists to protect their sources and identities.

Monitoring Tor with Netdata

The prerequisites for monitoring Tor with Netdata are to have Tor and Netdata installed on your system.

Netdata auto discovers hundreds of services, and for those it doesn’t turning on manual discovery is a one line configuration. For more information on configuring Netdata for name monitoring please read the collector documentation.

You should now see the Tor section on the Overview tab in Netdata Cloud already populated with charts about all the metrics you care about.

Netdata has a public demo space (no login required) where you can explore different monitoring use-cases and get a feel for Netdata.

What Tor metrics are important to monitor - and why?


A measure of the amount of data being sent or received. This is useful for understanding how much load a server is under, or how much bandwidth is being used.

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