Netdata Team

Netdata Team

February 10, 2023

Introducing Netdata Paid Subscriptions

Expanding Features and Support for Advanced Monitoring Needs

All Netdata functionality is and will be available for free forever in the Community Plan. Paid tiers include features targeted for businesses and users who would need to customise their monitoring solution with different levels of user access, extra notification mechanisms, customer support and more.

Hello Netdata community,

We are excited to announce that we are introducing new Paid Subscriptions to Netdata as of Wednesday, 22nd of February 2023.

At Netdata, we believe in providing free and unrestricted access to high-quality monitoring solutions, and our commitment to this principle will not change. We will continue to offer the free Cloud SaaS offering and Open Source Agent, which features unlimited nodes and users, unlimited metrics, and retention, providing real-time, high-fidelity, out-of-the-box infrastructure monitoring. All core monitoring features will be part of this free COMMUNITY plan.

The new paid subscriptions are designed to provide additional features and capabilities for businesses and enterprises that need tighter and customizable integration of the free monitoring solution to their processes, and they will be divided into two different plans: PRO and BUSINESS. Each plan will offer a different set of features and capabilities to meet the needs of businesses of different sizes and with different monitoring requirements.

If you are the admin of a Netdata space, you should now see a new Plan & Billing option in your space settings. You can use this page to upgrade to PRO and BUSINESS plans and view the billable node count based on your usage history.


As part of this change we are introducing some new capabilities listed here, and will be introducing more features in the future:

  1. New user roles to provide better and more fine grained User Administration capabilities:
  • Administrators - This role allows users to manage Spaces, War Rooms, Nodes, and Users, this includes the Plan & Billing settings. It also allows access to all War Rooms in the space. Available for all users, including COMMUNITY.
  • Managers - This role allows users to manage War Rooms and Users. It also allows access to all War Rooms in the space. Available only for BUSINESS users.
  • Troubleshooters - This role is for users that will be just focused on using Netdata to troubleshoot, not manage entities. It also allows access to all War Rooms in the space. Available for PRO and BUSINESS users.
  • Observers - This role is for read-only access with restricted access to explicit War Rooms. Available only for BUSINESS users.
  • Billing - This role is for users that need to manage billing options and see invoices. Available only for BUSINESS users.

Existing users will be kept on the free Early Bird plan and can keep using the legacy Member role with the exact same permissions as it has currently. The legacy Member role will be deprecated on new plans.


  1. Extended usage allowances, including longer retention for audit and alert history for PRO and BUSINESS users.


  1. Additional notification integrations. We will be adding support for more notification integrations for the paid users.

  2. High priority technical support and initial deployment consulting services will be available for BUSINESS users.

We understand that some of our users may have concerns about the introduction of paid subscriptions, so we would like to assure you that we will not be limiting access to features on the free COMMUNITY plan. Instead, the COMMUNITY plan will continue to provide full access to all core monitoring features, while the paid subscriptions focus on enterprise-grade requirements.

We encourage you to visit our pricing page to learn more about the new plans and their features. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our support team through Email, Github, the Forums, and Discord. We appreciate your continued support and are excited to offer these new paid subscriptions to everyone.

Thank you and happy monitoring, The Netdata Team.