Netdata Team

Netdata Team

April 4, 2022

The Netdata Way of Troubleshooting

A Guide to Efficient Problem Solving with Advanced Monitoring

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Together with you, our fabulous community, Netdata is changing the way the world thinks of high fidelity monitoring - and we are gaining momentum.

Our chief troublemaker and CEO, Costa Tsaousis,  is the pioneer and architect of this revolution that’s brewing in the monitoring and troubleshooting space.

Watch him explain the Netdata way of troubleshooting:

Why did the world need a new infrastructure monitoring tool? (00:18)

Every great hero needs an origin story. In this section, Costa explains the frustrating conditions in the infrastructure and monitoring space that lead to the conception, development, and subsequent success of the Netdata open-source Agent and Netdata Cloud.

What do we mean when we say “The Netdata Way of Troubleshooting”? (05:30)

We don’t have to explain to all of you why Netdata stands out, but if we are going to change the world, it’s only polite that we let them know what’s coming. In this section, Costa explains what he means by the phrase “The Netdata Way of Troubleshooting,” and outlines the value of our current approach and all of the added value we are planning to release this year. (Spoiler: Make sure to watch this section of the interview for a sneak peek at the Machine Learning capabilities we have on the horizon.)

How can all this value be free? (10:20)

Since this is probably the most common question we encounter, we decided to let Costa explain how we have managed to build such a powerful tool that we will always offer to you for free. Additionally, Costa explains where we’re headed and offers an early look at the road map of potential paid features and services that will help us scale to infinity while keeping everything that’s currently available on Netdata free of cost from you.

What is the ultimate ambition for Netdata? (15:15)

Costa outlines the plans, features, and approaches we plan to use to set Netdata as a new baseline for infrastructure monitoring systems.

In one sentence, summarize your vision for Netdata? (15:50)

If you only have one minute, we recommend that you at least check out the short and sweet answer to this one.

We hope you continue to ride with us along the journey and be a part of it. We’re building Netdata together as an open-source community - let us hear your feature request. In the meantime, look out for more community events, like our webinars.