Adapt monitoring to a multilayered Kubernetes deployment

To understand the true performance and availability of an application, you need impact analysis for every layer of your Kubernetes cluster. Keep up with the Kubernetes chaos with rich context, intuitive visualizations, and single-second granularity.

Kubernetes infrastructure

Monitor multiple Kubernetes clusters, from testing to production or multiple cloud providers, on a single dashboard.


Monitor hundreds of per-second CPU, memory, disk I/O, networking, and process-level metrics for every worker node.


Reduce noise and learn about Kubernetes deployment performance norms by filtering the health map or resource utilization charts.


Get one-click access to essential context for faster root cause analysis, such as its node, controller, image name, and pod UID.


Measure golden signals from mission-critical services, like queued messages in RabbitMQ, table locks in MySQL, requests per second in NGINX, and much more.


View error rates and response times from instrumented applications (StatsD) for true full-stack monitoring.

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