Monitor your Kubernetes clusters with Netdata


Monitor your Kubernetes clusters with Netdata

What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Netdata is a monitoring and troubleshooting solution with an open-source Agent. Use a Helm chart to deploy Netdata on every node, and prebuilt integrations and service discovery immediately start collecting metrics from every layer of your cluster. Use dashboards to quickly visualize metrics and monitor services, and dive into individual nodes to identify patterns and uncover issues. Monitor and troubleshoot pod events, memory usage, CPU usage, and much more.

How to start monitoring Kubernetes clusters with Netdata

Use a Helm chart to deploy Netdata monitoring

With our out-of-the-box configuration, you’ll deploy sophisticated and real-time monitoring across your cluster in minutes, not days.

Explore thousands of Kubernetes metrics instantly

Use a network of dashboards enriched with metrics from every layer of your cluster: services, pods, nodes, and the k8s administrative agents.

Troubleshoot with hundreds of real-time charts

Quickly navigate between nodes, then drill down to individual pods, and use interactive charts to discover and diagnose anomalies faster.

Why monitor your Kubernetes cluster with Netdata?

An overview of the k8s dashboard

The Netdata dashboard at the k8s node level

Get meanginful insights into every layer of your cluster

Netdata’s Kubernetes monitoring deployment delivers real-time monitoring to every layer of your k8s clusters, including individual services, containers, pods, nodes, and k8s agents (kube-proxy, kubelet, CoreDNS).

  • Deploy on any size of cluster entirely for free.
  • Control ingress, volume sizes, persistence, and alarms via our own Helm chart, or use the defaults for zero-configuration k8s monitoring.
  • Enable notifications to ensure your team never misses an alert, whether it’s high 503 responses from an MySQL pod or a node using 100% CPU.

Trace and troubleshoot wherever anomalies strike

Access all of your Kubernetes metrics with pre-built charts that require no complicated setup. Zoom, highlight, and pan through time to discover the root cause of any anomaly on your cluster.


  • Instantly see metrics for new ephemeral pods as soon as you scale up a deployment using kubectl or another management layer.
  • Monitor 20+ services running inside of k8s pods with zero configuration.
  • Store historical metrics on a persistent volume for full visibility into baseline behavior.
A detailed screenshot of k8s monitoring functionality

Monitoring Apache webserver metrics from inside a k8s pod

Go beyond simple Kubernetes monitoring

Netdata’s platform lets you take advantage of advanced monitoring functionality.

Get Kubernetes visibility with the Netdata Agent

The Netdata Agent provides unlimited metrics, alarms, and dashboards at no cost, so you can scale your monitoring to any number of Kubernetes clusters and pods.

Monitor key performance metrics for Kubernetes

Stay informed on health and performance by monitoring pod events, memory usage, CPU usage, and more.

Detailed k8s monitoring at per-second intervals

Keep an eye on container health by pod and k8s environments with 1-second granularity.

Ready to start monitoring Kubernetes with Netdata?

Deploy an open-source, real-time monitoring agent across your cluster in a matter of minutes, and with zero configuration.