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Kubernetes monitoring with Netdata


What is Kubernetes?

Kubernetes (k8s) is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. With Kubernetes, teams of all sizes, from solo developers to sophisticated DevOps teams, can deploy a full-stack infrastructure using interconnected containers. But while Kubernetes makes deployment a snap, its many containerized layers and management processes makes Kubernetes monitoring a complex, often expensive challenge.

Why monitor your Kubernetes cluster with Netdata?

Kubernetes monitoring via the at-a-glance health map

Monitor any containerized environment, at any scale, in minutes

  • Use a Helm chart to deploy Netdata on native Kubernetes or managed services like EKS, GKE, AKS, and others.
  • Monitor the health and resource utilization of multiple clusters by pod, namespace, node, and more.
  • Drill down in a single click to see context and per-second metrics from any anomalous container.
  • Automatically monitor and visualize resource utilization metrics with 1s granularity and any retention period.

Automated full-stack Kubernetes infrastructure monitoring

  • Use dashboards to quickly visualize metrics and monitor services, and dive into individual nodes to identify patterns and uncover issues.
  • Instantly see metrics for new ephemeral pods as soon as you scale up a deployment using kubectl or another management layer.
  • Monitor essential full-stack services running inside of Kubernetes-managed containers with zero configuration.
  • Use preconfigured alarms to ensure your team never misses an incident, whether it’s high 503 responses from a MySQL container or a node using 100% CPU.

Impact analysis with time series correlations, using a variety of grouping methods

Adapt monitoring to a multilayered Kubernetes deployment

To understand the true performance and availability of an application, you need impact analysis for layer of your Kubernetes cluster. You rich context, visualizations, and granularity to keep up with the Kubernetes chaos.

Kubernetes infrastructure

Monitor multiple Kubernetes clusters, from testing to production or multiple cloud providers, on a single dashboard.


Monitor hundreds of per-second CPU, memory, disk I/O, networking, and process-level metrics for every worker node.


Reduce noise and learn about Kubernetes deployment performance norms by filtering the health map or resource utilization charts.


One-click access to essential context for faster root cause analysis, such as its node, controller, image name, and pod UID.


Measure golden signals from mission-critical services, like queued messages in RabbitMQ, table locks in MySQL, requests per second in NGINX, and much more.


View error rates and response times from instrumented applications (StatsD) for true full-stack monitoring.

How to get started


Sign in for your free Netdata Cloud account


Deploy the free and open-source Netdata Agent on your Kubernetes cluster with Helm


Monitor & troubleshoot for free with zero configuration

Simple, but not simplistic, Kubernetes monitoring

Netdata lets you take advantage of advanced monitoring functionality with simple monitoring dashboards.

Get Kubernetes visibility with Netdata

Netdata provides unlimited metrics, alarms, and dashboards at no cost, so you can scale your monitoring to Kubernetes deployments of any size.

Monitor key performance metrics for Kubernetes

Stay informed on health and performance by monitoring node/pod/container events, memory usage, CPU usage, and more.

Detailed k8s monitoring at per-second intervals

Keep an watch eye on container health, then drill down with service-level metrics to quickly discover the root cause of containers that run hot.

Start Kubernetes monitoring in 5 minutes with Netdata

Time for a quickstart tour into deploying powerful, per-second Kubernetes monitoring with Netdata. It takes just a few minutes to start seeing rich visualizations for every layer of your cluster with zero manual configuration or query languages.

Kubernetes monitoring and troubleshooting made simple with Netdata

Kubernetes monitoring with Netdata: Overview and visualizations

Learn how to navigate Netdata’s Kubernetes monitoring features for visualizing the health and performance of a Kubernetes cluster with per-second granulrity.

Kubernetes monitoring and troubleshooting made simple with Netdata

Doc: Kubernetes visualizations

Read up on essential reference information for getting the most out of the Kubernetes monitoring health map and k8s-aware composite charts.