Monitor your Kubernetes clusters & pods with Netdata


Monitor your Kubernetes clusters & pods with Netdata

What is the Kubernetes?

Kubernetes is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Netdata is a monitoring and troubleshooting solution with an open-source Agent that can be installed on all your k8s clusters. Netdata’s prebuilt integration with Kubernetes features service discovery to quickly and easily visualize metrics and monitor services in your Kubernetes clusters as well as individual containers to help you identify patterns and uncover issues. Monitor and troubleshoot pod events, memory usage, CPU usage, and much more.

How to start monitoring Kubernetes clusters with Netdata

Download the Netdata Agent for cluster monitoring

With our out-of-the-box configuration, you’ll deploy in minutes, not days.

Connect to your Kubernetes clusters

Customize your configuration to monitor all the clusters in your infrastructure.

Explore your Kubernetes monitoring metrics in Netdata

Get insights instantly with pre-built dashboards for pod events, memory usage, CPU usage, and more.

Why monitor Kubernetes with Netdata?

Monitor with Netdata

Monitor and troubleshoot Kubernetes with Netdata

Monitoring Kubernetes with Netdata alerts you to bottlenecks and issues before they affect your end users. Set up custom alarms to gauge the health status and potential threats to your clusters and pods. Notifications can be enabled to help you detect anomalies using metrics like pod events, memory usage, CPU usage, and more.

  • Easily deploy Netdata on any k8s cluster, via our own Helm chart.
  • Get metrics for the k8s “nodes”, i.e. usually virtual machines that compose a k8s cluster.
  • Get metrics for k8s services that run on all k8s environments (kube-proxy, kubelet, CoreDNS).


Analyze Kubernetes performance with data visualization

Access all of your Kubernetes metrics with pre-built charts, or create custom dashboards for your team’s specific use case. Find root cause analysis answers with intuitive graphs of what’s going on within your infrastructure. Custom dashboards can be created using simple HTML. These dashboards are flexible and designed to capture metrics on all of your Netdata servers.

  • Identify all k8s containers running on a cluster and monitor system metrics for each one of them with low-latency, per-second granularity.
  • Instantly see metrics for individual, ephemeral k8s nodes as soon as they’re created by the k8s backend.
  • Monitor up to 40 services running on k8s containers with zero configuration.
  • New services can be added with minimum configuration, and you can start monitoring them instantly.
Analyze performance with Netdata

Go beyond simple Kubernetes monitoring

Netdata’s platform lets you take advantage of advanced monitoring functionality.

Get Kubernetes visibility with the Netdata Agent

The Netdata Agent provides unlimited metrics, alarms, and dashboards at no cost, so you can scale your monitoring to any number of Kubernetes clusters and pods.

Monitor key performance metrics for Kubernetes

Stay informed on health and performance by monitoring pod events, memory usage, CPU usage, and more.

Detailed Kubernetes monitoring at per-second intervals

Keep an eye on container health by pod and k8s environments with 1-second granularity.

Ready to start monitoring Kubernetes with Netdata?

Install the open-source Netdata Agent first, then sign in to Netdata Cloud to see metrics from all your systems in one place!