Netdata Team

Netdata Team

March 2, 2022

Netdata Meetup: Real World Scenario on How to Install and Monitor from Scratch

Connecting the Netdata Community Offline and Online

Announcing Netdata Meetups: Virtual How-to Live Show – Join us Friday, March 4th

Join us live this Friday! We are launching the brand new Netdata Meetups! Join us to learn more about Netdata. This how-to virtual series will help you go deeper with Netdata and as a bonus we will add in tips and tricks for monitoring and troubleshooting. We can’t wait to see you on Friday, March 4th at 9 am PST (GMT -8).

You are Invited!

In our first Netdata Meetup (watch live here this Friday), Thiago Marques will present and show you how to install Netdata from scratch on a specific host and demonstrate how to understand navigating through the many, in-depth Netdata dashboards. Thiago will also cover understanding metric distribution. Monitoring is not only to visualize collected data, which is why we will show where host notifications are, and how to access A.I. to simplify even more the correlation between issues and hardware/software.

Bonus Learning Included! As a bonus, Thiago will present and teach about how processes see memory on a host.

About the Presenter

Thiago Marques has been a Physicist, C developer since 2003 and has worked with the Linux kernel since 2006. He has been working with Linux either as a developer or network administrator since 2000. Thiago has over three years of eBPF experience monitoring kernel information with modules to eBPF.

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