Netdata Team

Netdata Team

November 2, 2023

Upcoming changes to Netdata Cloud plans

What’s Next: Enhancing Our Services for Your Needs

UPDATE: On the 2023-11-08 Node and Dashboard limits will be applied on the Netdata Cloud Community plan, while all current features of the Community plan will remain the same.

What you need to know?

  • On Netdata Cloud Free Community plan, the number of active nodes that can be concurrently visualized on the Netdata dashboards, as well as the number of active custom dashboards for accounts created after 2023-11-07 will be subject to limits.

  • Any new Netdata Cloud user sign-up will be automatically enrolled to a 30-day Free Business Trial, so all can experience Netdata Cloud without any limits or restrictions - no debit or credit cards will be required.

  • We are also simplifying the paid Cloud subscriptions by keeping the Business plan only. The current Pro plan will cease to exist.

  • The changes above do not apply to our other plans: Netdata Cloud Business, On-prem subscriptions, and Netdata FOSS Agent versions.

For full details on the plans and prices, check out the FAQ section of the pricing page.

We continue to look for ways to make Infrastructure monitoring a reality for teams and organizations of all sizes. For users to get started with monitoring, relatively small infrastructure for Home labs, students and Non profit organizations with no investment, Netdata offers the Free Community Plan. For organizations (startups, mid-size, large) that require production grade infrastructure monitoring, requiring collaboration across the organization or with clients, Netdata offers Business and On-prem subscriptions with no restrictions on monitored nodes or users.

For open source projects, educational usage or for monitoring an infrastructure using local dashboards, Netdata FOSS Agent will always be available for free as our gift to this wonderful community.

The new Free Community plan limits will be:

  • 5 active nodes that can be concurrently visualized on Netdata Dashboards.
  • 1 active custom dashboard

Note: For more details on how these limits will work refer to the FAQ section of the pricing page.

For a better experience of Netdata Cloud full capabilities, all new users that sign up for a Netdata Cloud account will be automatically enrolled in a 30-day Free Business Trial. No credit or debit card will be required and users can opt out at any time.


The new limits on the Free Community Plan of Netdata Cloud and the Free 30-day Business Trial will be effective from 2023-11-08 for all new users (accounts).

Reach out to us for more details or refer to the FAQ on our pricing page for more information on these changes.

Thank you for all the support so far. Hope you follow us throughout this journey to Make infrastructure monitoring easy for everyone.