Transforming Container and Server Health Insights

Revolutionizing Server Monitoring with Netdata

About Nodecraft

  • Leading provider of dedicated gaming server hosting
  • Specializes in high-performance, reliable gaming experiences
  • Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction



  • Key improvements: Dramatic time savings,Enhanced troubleshooting efficiency
  • Main features used: Real-time monitoring dashboards, Scalability for monitoring extensive server infrastructure
  • Impact: Near-elimination of unplanned downtime
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Revolutionizing Infrastructure Monitoring

Nodecraft faced significant challenges in monitoring its ever-expanding fleet of dedicated servers and containers. The complexity of tracking system health and hardware performance became a bottleneck, impacting its ability to deliver the seamless gaming experiences Nodecraft is known for. With a small development team, the creation and maintenance of a custom solution were out of the question. Nodecraft’s journey towards finding a solution led it to Netdata, which has been transformative.

The simplicity of Netdata’s setup, combined with the comprehensive visibility it offers, allowed Nodecraft to monitor its entire infrastructure almost immediately. “Since Netdata’s agent is as simple as running a single command, and Netdata Cloud allows us to never have to worry about managing the infrastructure, we’re able to almost immediately monitor everything we need,” Matthew Artist shared. This ease of use has been crucial in allowing Nodecraft to focus on what it does best — providing an exceptional gaming experience.

Empowering Teams with Real-Time Insights

The adoption of Netdata at Nodecraft has led to significant improvements across its operations:

  • Immediate Problem Detection and Resolution: The ability to monitor containers, RAM, and disks in real time means Nodecraft can quickly identify and address issues before they impact customers. “We’re able to begin troubleshooting a node issue within 30 seconds instead of 2-3 minutes before Netdata,” highlighting the platform’s efficiency in minimizing downtime and ensuring a stable gaming environment.

  • Proactive Hardware Maintenance: Netdata’s detailed metrics collection has been instrumental in preempting hardware failures. “With all of the data points Netdata automatically ingests, we can also see when our ECC RAM starts to exhibit errors and replace them before they impact clients.” This proactive approach has led to a nearly 90% reduction in downtime due to hardware failures.

  • Custom Solutions for Unique Needs: The openness and configurability of Netdata have empowered Nodecraft’s team to extend its functionality further. By creating their own collectors, they can tailor the monitoring to meet specific needs, ensuring that the support team has all the necessary data at their fingertips.

“With Netdata, we’re able to drill down into our containers and see their statistics at a quick glance… The ability for Netdata to be so open and configurable allowed our team to create our own collectors to monitor our custom infrastructure.”

Matthew Artist, developer


This level of insight and flexibility has not only enhanced Nodecraft’s operational efficiency but has also significantly improved its customer support capabilities. The Customer Support team utilizes Netdata to validate customer reports and monitor system health, ensuring quick and effective resolution of any issues.

“Netdata is now our primary tool, it almost immediately simplified our monitoring stack as it’s drop-in system that takes barely any time to configure… We use Netdata to empower our various teams to get the data that they need.”

Matthew Artist, developer


Looking Ahead

As Nodecraft continues to grow, so does its reliance on Netdata. The company plans to expand its custom collector development, driven by the support team’s insights into customer needs. This iterative approach to monitoring ensures that as Nodecraft’s infrastructure evolves, so does its ability to maintain its health and performance.

For anyone considering Netdata, the advice from Nodecraft is straightforward: “Just try it.. Install it on a few different types of infrastructure and see how it works for you. The barrier to entry is basically a string on the floor with Netdata.”

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