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Leica Biosystems: Advancing Cancer Diagnostics

Enhanced Offline System Observability

About Leica Biosystems

  • Over 150 years of innovation in pathology and cancer diagnostics
  • Empowers AI development in digital pathology through cutting-edge technologies
  • Committed to improving lives with a mission of Advancing Cancer Diagnostics

Story Snapshot

  • Key improvements: Enhanced offline observability, System performance insights
  • Main features used: Metric Exporting, Disk Monitoring, Network Analysis
  • Impact: 50% less time on software impact analysis, 80% faster system optimization

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Leica Biosystems, a leader in pathology and cancer diagnostics, faced a unique challenge: monitoring and observability in strictly offline environments. The need for a dashboard providing system insights in an offline capacity was paramount, especially given the constraints of remote access impossibility due to the offline nature of the devices used.

“Monitoring complexity in offline environments was a significant hurdle. Netdata’s ability to export metrics allowed us to achieve the observability we needed without the need for online connectivity.”

Ben Saunders, DevOps

Leica Biosystems

Netdata’s solution enabled Leica Biosystems to overcome these challenges by providing a simple yet powerful dashboard that could operate entirely offline, offering insights into system performance and allowing for the export of critical data metrics.

Better Visibility, Better Understanding

The implementation of Netdata has been instrumental in advancing Leica Biosystems' mission. By facilitating better visibility into the performance of embedded Linux systems, including systemd, disks, and networks, Netdata has played a crucial role in the development and testing of products aimed at improving cancer diagnostics.

“Netdata helped us to optimize the performance of our diagnostic systems, reducing the time spent on comparing software impacts and optimizing system hardware significantly.”

Ben Saunders, DevOps

Leica Biosystems

One notable instance where Netdata proved invaluable was during early product development, where it identified a performance issue linked to SSD activity. This insight enabled the team to resolve what could have been a lengthy troubleshooting process in less than a day, significantly speeding up the development cycle.

Leica Biosystems plans to expand the use of Netdata across more high-end workstations and into build agent clusters, leveraging its reliable monitoring capabilities for broader infrastructure oversight. This expansion underscores the system’s adaptability and the trust Leica Biosystems places in Netdata for its critical monitoring needs.

Netdata’s role as the primary monitoring tool for Linux-based systems within Leica Biosystems showcases its ease of integration and the immediate value it provides in terms of metrics gathering and observability, especially in environments where traditional monitoring solutions fall short.

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