Revolutionizing Device Monitoring at SafeSize

Comprehensive monitoring with Netdata.

About SafeSize

  • Retail tech company offers 3D foot scanning & shoe recommendation solution
  • Helps people find the perfect fitting shoes in physical and online stores
  • Contributing towards a sustainable future



  • Key improvements: Optimized performance, resource footprint for monitoring dropped by 2-3x
  • Main features used: Real-time monitoring dashboards, light weight and highly performant agent
  • Impact: Improved operational efficiency and productivigty, 1 person can now monitor 1000s of devices

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Enhancing Efficiency & Transparency in Retail

SafeSize, a trailblazer in the retail technology sector, leverages innovative 3D foot scanning and shoe recommendation solutions to enhance the shopping experience in both physical and online stores. However, managing and monitoring devices installed in diverse customer environments posed significant challenges. These devices, crucial for delivering SafeSize’s cutting-edge service, operate in varied network environments with limited access, necessitating a monitoring solution that is both efficient and resource-light.

The complexity of monitoring these devices was compounded by their critical role in providing seamless customer experiences while also being instrumental in SafeSize’s commitment to sustainability by reducing product returns.

“We needed a solution that could offer us a centralized view of all devices running in customer environments without requiring heavy central data storage. Netdata proved to be exactly what we were looking for, acting as a hub that efficiently routes monitoring data directly to our browser.”

Vili Kosednar


Unifying and Simplifying Monitoring

Implementing Netdata has significantly transformed how SafeSize monitors its fleet of devices. By prioritizing efficiency, Netdata has enabled SafeSize to maintain real-time oversight of system resources and usage metrics with minimal impact on device performance. This capability is critical for SafeSize’s operations, ensuring that devices remain operational and effective in delivering customer satisfaction.

The benefits of using Netdata within SafeSize’s operations are manifold, ranging from productivity improvements to better resource utilization and enhanced transparency across device operations.

  • Productivity Improvements: With Netdata, a single individual can effectively monitor thousands of devices, showcasing the platform’s efficiency and scalability.
  • Resource Utilization: Netdata’s lightweight footprint has reduced device resource utilization for monitoring by two to three times, a crucial factor for the deployed devices' performance.
  • Transparency: Real-time monitoring provides SafeSize with a clear overview of device resource utilization, enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

A particularly notable incident underscored Netdata’s value when SafeSize identified and quickly addressed a memory leak issue, preventing potential service disruptions. This responsiveness is a testament to Netdata’s capability to deliver immediate insights and actions.

“The ability to immediately see the problem of an application on a device, such as memory leaks, has been invaluable. It not only allows us to quickly address issues but also supports our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our customers.”

Vili Kosednar


Looking ahead, SafeSize plans to further integrate Netdata into its operations, exploring advanced features such as proprietary monitors and leveraging the parent functionality of Netdata agents for a more streamlined deployment process. This strategic approach to monitoring underscores SafeSize’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Netdata’s role as a complementary tool in SafeSize’s broader monitoring strategy is pivotal. It serves as a lightweight, efficient solution for monitoring devices with limited resources, providing a live overview of system and application resources critical for maintaining high service standards.

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