Revolutionizing Server Monitoring at Tilkal

Unified observability with Netdata

About Tilkal

  • Tilkal is a Leading Supply Chain Traceability & Transparency Platform
  • Uses blockchain technology and big data to trace entire supply chains in real time
  • Empowers companies such as Danone, Longchamp, Daher and more




  • Key improvements: Significant time savings, Proactive troubleshooting
  • Main features used: Ease of installation, Real Time Dashboards, Extensibility
  • Impact: Reduced infrastructure costs, Reduced down time

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Tackling Server Monitoring Complexity

At Tilkal SAS, the challenge of aggregating infrastructure information from numerous standalone Linux servers into a singular platform was significant. The complexity was further compounded by the need to incorporate custom metrics emitted by proprietary services, alongside standard system statistics. This requirement for a holistic view of both standard and custom data sources necessitated a versatile and powerful monitoring tool.

“The data we wanted to collect was not only standard monitoring stats but also custom stats emitted by our own services. Netdata’s ease of deployment and its cloud app’s capability to consolidate server stats in one place were exactly what we needed.”

Sébastien Gaïde, DevOps

Tilkal SAS

Netdata emerged as the optimal solution, offering an easy-to-deploy agent and a cloud application that allowed for the comprehensive aggregation of server statistics. Its customizability and extensibility, particularly through JavaScript plugins, enabled the seamless integration of Tilkal’s unique service metrics into the monitoring framework.

Customizing Monitoring for Enhanced Insight and Efficiency

Tilkal leverages Netdata to monitor a diverse array of systems, including Docker services and applications such as Nginx and database servers. The platform’s capability to easily integrate custom alerts, detailed dashboards, and centralized data collection has been crucial. These features have not only streamlined Tilkal’s monitoring processes but also significantly reduced the time and costs associated with infrastructure oversight.

“Alerting system allows to be warned of any problem, even before they occur, freeing us a lot of time to do other things.”

Sébastien Gaïde, DevOps

Tilkal SAS

One notable incident where Netdata proved invaluable involved diagnosing servers that became non-responsive due to an antivirus update process. Thanks to Netdata’s proactive alerting system, the team was able to identify and resolve the memory usage anomaly promptly, preventing potential server downtime.

As Tilkal continues to expand its infrastructure to include Kubernetes clusters, Netdata’s role is set to grow. The team anticipates leveraging Netdata for comprehensive monitoring within this new context, drawn by the platform’s proven ease of installation and robust data collection capabilities.

Netdata serves as Tilkal’s primary tool for low-level server monitoring, complementing other parts of their monitoring stack dedicated to specific functions like logs collection. With plans to further integrate Netdata across more critical infrastructure, Tilkal is poised to achieve even greater operational efficiency and insight.

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