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Webnestify's Strategic Shift with Netdata

About Webnestify

  • Manages extensive server infrastructure across multiple cloud providers
  • Focus on Linux servers, Docker and LiteSpeed web servers


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Story Snapshot

  • Challenges: Scalability and maintainability in monitoring a growing infrastructure.
  • Netdata Solution: Automated, scalable monitoring that reduces manual oversight.
  • Impact: Marked improvements in time management, operational efficiency, and cost savings.
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Overcoming Scalability Issues

Simon Gajdosik, the driving force behind Webnestify, identified scalability and maintainability as primary challenges in their monitoring strategy. The traditional approach with Grafana and Prometheus, although effective, became untenable at scale. Netdata Cloud provided the much-needed solution, offering automated monitoring that effortlessly scales with the business, eliminating the complexity of manual configurations.

Enhancing Operations with Netdata

Webnestify’s adoption of Netdata Cloud provided significant operational enhancements:

  • Time Savings: The automated service discovery and configuration capabilities of Netdata have saved Webnestify at least 10 hours weekly, allowing the team to focus more on business growth rather than infrastructure maintenance.
  • Productivity Improvements: With the efficiency gains from Netdata, Webnestify has increased its client onboarding capacity, directly contributing to business expansion.
  • Issue Resolution: The advanced alerting system of Netdata enabled proactive anomaly detection, preventing potential downtimes for critical ecommerce platforms and thereby ensuring uninterrupted service.
  • Cost Reduction: Shifting from a dedicated Grafana server to Netdata resulted in a 40% reduction in annual monitoring costs, translating to significant financial savings.
  • Enhanced Security: The ability to whitelist parent node IP addresses and use private IPs for child nodes improved the overall security posture.
  • Improved Troubleshooting and Metrics Accuracy: The intuitive dashboards and accurate metrics from Netdata have simplified the process of identifying and resolving issues, making troubleshooting 50% easier.
  • Downtime Reduction and SLA Improvements: With Netdata, Webnestify has seen a 20% reduction in downtime and significantly improved its SLA compliance by resolving issues more efficiently.

“A standout moment for us was when Netdata’s anomaly detection alerted us to a potential issue, allowing us to avert a crisis on a server hosting over 100 high-traffic ecommerce sites. This instance underscored the indispensable role of Netdata in our operations,”

Simon Gajdosik, CEO & Founder


Webnestify envisions a future where every server is monitored by Netdata, extending its deployment to network and web hosting servers. This move is aimed at harnessing the full potential of Netdata’s automation and scalability to ensure operational excellence.

“Netdata is more than a monitoring solution; it’s a foundational element of our growth strategy, ensuring our infrastructure remains robust and responsive as we expand”

Simon Gajdosik, CEO & Founder


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