Secure by Design

Netdata prioritizes data protection with a security-first approach. The Netdata Agent and Netdata Cloud are built to ensure safe and private operations. Safeguard user data with data isolation, encryption, and resilience against security threats. Netdata Cloud guarantees data protection by not storing metric data and utilizing secure identification and authorization.

Netdata is designed with security at its core. Our open-source software is built to prioritize user data protection. Both the Netdata Agent and Netdata Cloud are developed with a security-first approach, ensuring safe and private operations.

Netdata Agent: Safeguarding User Data

The Netdata Agent strictly exposes chart metadata and metric values, not raw data, ensuring the highest level of data isolation. When collecting data, the raw information does not leave the host, and only processed metrics are stored in our databases or sent to upstream servers. Our communication systems also employ encryption and we’re resilient against common security threats like DDoS attacks and SQL injections. Users are provided with the flexibility to customize agent security settings according to their specific needs.

Netdata Cloud: Ensuring User Data Protection

Netdata Cloud provides the utmost data protection by not storing metric data, and only keeping some metadata for each node connected to user spaces. User identification and authorization are conducted securely, without storing user credentials. All data in transit between a user and Netdata Cloud is encrypted using TLS.

Third-Party Testing and Compliance

Netdata regularly undergoes third-party testing and adheres to the Open Source Security Foundation Best Practices. We maintain a structured process for handling security vulnerabilities, with any identified issues triggering a Security Release Process.

Automated Testing and Code Quality

Netdata Cloud boasts comprehensive end-to-end automated testing, from the UI to the back-end. Third-party services are used to ensure code quality on a per pull request basis. Each PR requires two code reviews from our senior engineers before merging, ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality software.

Netdata Infrastructure and Authentication

Netdata Cloud operates in a fully automated and isolated environment with Infrastructure as Code (IaC), ensuring no direct access to production applications. For authentication, public/private key cryptography is used and TLS is mandatory.

Netdata is more than just a monitoring tool - it’s a platform committed to delivering security, privacy, and reliability at the highest level.

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