Internet Information Services (IIS) monitoring with Netdata

IIS (Internet Information Services)

IIS stands for Internet Information Services, which is a web server software package designed for Windows Server. IIS can host static or dynamic websites, and serve content such as HTML, JavaScript, or media files to a user’s browser. IIS is versatile and stable, and it has been widely used in production for many years.

IIS is composed of the following basic components:

IIS Monitoring

To holistically monitor IIS, you need to track various aspects of its performance, such as:

To effectively monitor IIS database specific metrics, you need to track the following:

How can Netdata help?

Monitoring IIS is crucial for anyone using IIS for their business or for a website or web application in production. To ensure reliability, uptime, and security, monitoring IIS services should be an everyday task. This includes keeping track of requests, connections, traffic rates and other key performance indicators.

Netdata enables users to monitor key IIS metrics at a high fidelity, and with automated dashbaords, pre-configured alerts and anomaly detection you do not need to be a IIS wizard to understand whether your deployment needs your attention or not.

Here’s a quick teaser of IIS monitoring on Netdata, you can head over to the Netdata’s demo space (no login required) to try it out yourself.

If you haven’t already, check out the Windows monitoring guide for a deep dive into Windows monitoring and setting up Netdata for monitoring and troubleshooting your Windows servers.

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