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Monitoring PostgreSQL?

Get over 100+ PostgreSQL metrics and display these across 60+ different composite charts.

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Kubernetes throttling your CPUs?

Reduce response times and resource requirements.

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Introducing the Netdata Source Plugin for Grafana

Enhanced high-fidelity troubleshooting data source for the Open Source community.

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Welcome to the Netdata Way of Troubleshooting

High fidelity troubleshooting

  • Unique, single second granularity
  • Unlimited metrics collected, stored and visualized
  • Drill into any of thousands of metrics with incredible detail

Real-time visualization

  • Unmatched 1ms collection-to-visualization latency
  • See your entire infrastructure in real time
  • Instantly meaningful dashboards


  • Single-line deployment
  • Auto-detects thousands of data collection sources
  • Automated visualization

ML for all metrics

  • ML powered, unsupervised anomaly detection
  • ML training and inference at the edge with minimal overhead and zero additional storage cost

Powerful root cause analysis

  • Correlation Advisor for unsupervised change pattern detection
  • Anomaly Advisor for unsupervised anomaly detection across your whole infrastructure

Built-in data privacy

  • Data stored at the edge only, on your own infrastructure
  • No centralised data collection, no data risk

Lowest cost of ownership

  • Monitoring and troubleshooting permanently free
  • Built-in expertise, no need to buy it in
  • Just one moving part to maintain and update

Open source

  • Designed for universal deployment: bare metal, cloud VMs & IoT
  • Battle-tested by a vibrant community
  • Amazing support network

Monitoring stack integration

  • Stream metrics to any industry-standard time series database
  • Send alerts to popular collaboration platforms
  • Open APIs ready for third party querying


Open-source Netdata Agent

Install the Agent on each node for metric-gathering magic

  • Auto-deployment, -configuration, and visualization
  • 400+ zero-config integrations with systems & software
  • Unique eBPF monitoring

Any-scale Netdata Cloud

Access every Agent through the Cloud for more troubleshooting power

  • Aggregated, team-based dashboards
  • Preconfigured composite charts
  • Algorithmic Metric Correlations

200+ pre-built integrations

View real-time metrics from your operating systems and applications, as well as from over 600 Prometheus endpoints. Get anomaly alerts through your favorite notification app. And export to other leading observability tool chains.

Automated and ML-assisted monitoring and troubleshooting

Here’s where Netdata really demonstrates its stand-out value:

  • If a metric can be collected, it will be: with 2,000+ autodetected metrics, and 100+ preconfigured alerts—per node.
  • Revolutionary ML works at the edge to learn what anomalies look like on each server—alerting you to emerging problems before they damage the business.
  • And with Netdata Cloud, you can leverage cross-node Metric Correlations for infrastructure-wide change detection, or Anomaly Advisor for bottom-up, unsupervised anomaly detection.

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