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Falkland Islands Government's Journey with Netdata

About Falkland Islands

  • Falkland Islands local government
  • Committed to serving the archipelago’s unique community



  • Key improvements: Manage resources efficiently, proactive troubleshooting
  • Main features used: Unified data collection, easy to use dashboards, real time alerts
  • Impact: Website downtime decreased by 99%, Reduced cloud service bills by 30%

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Maximizing Resources, Elevating Services

The Falkland Islands Government faced critical challenges in gaining visibility into the resource consumption of its digital assets. This lack of clarity hindered the ability to efficiently manage alerts and optimize resource usage across digital platforms. The integration of better monitoring tools was imperative to overcoming these obstacles and ensuring the seamless provision of government services.

“Not having a clear picture on the resource consumption of our digital assets was a major challenge. With Netdata agent, I am now able to get a comprehensive set of data about each of my nodes, which has revolutionized how we manage resources and handle alerts.”

Nelson Ariel Hernandez Casanova

Falkland Islands Government

Netdata’s comprehensive monitoring solution, featuring custom alerts, dashboards, and centralized data collection, has empowered the Falkland Islands Government to bring its digital services up to industry standards, facilitating a transformative impact on service provision and supporting the government’s digital transformation journey.

Advancing Public Sector Efficiency through Enhanced Monitoring

Through the implementation of Netdata, the Falkland Islands Government has achieved remarkable improvements in its digital infrastructure’s performance and reliability. By utilizing Netdata’s capabilities, the government has significantly reduced website downtime by 99% and cut cloud service bills by 30%, through the efficient allocation of resources and timely response to alerts.

“We have reduced website downtime by 99% by allocating additional resources based on Netdata alerts. Additionally, we reduced our cloud provider service bill by 30% by detecting instances that do not require as much resources.”

Nelson Ariel Hernandez Casanova

Falkland Islands Government

A notable incident where Netdata proved invaluable involved the monitoring of Joomla sites running on government nodes, which used to experience monthly timeouts. With Netdata’s timely alerts, the government can now preemptively address resource consumption issues, avoiding downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.

As the Falkland Islands Government continues its digital evolution, Netdata’s role is set to expand, encompassing a wider scope of internal infrastructure monitoring alongside cloud assets. This strategic expansion aims to further enhance the reliability and efficiency of government services, supporting the Falkland Islands' commitment to digital excellence.

Netdata, while initially adopted to monitor web infrastructure, has grown to become a cornerstone of the government’s broader infrastructure monitoring strategy, complementing other tools and providing a foundation for future integrations to monitor critical infrastructure more comprehensively.

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