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Simplifying Complex Monitoring for Educational Institutions

FUNIBER finds success with Netdata.


  • Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana, known as Funiber, is the Ibero-American University Foundation
  • Founded in 1997 and present across 30 countries
  • Offers 160+ masters and specialization programs through virtual campus.


  • Key improvements: Improved operational efficiency and enabled proactive troubleshooting
  • Main features used: Ease of setup, Comprehensive dashboards, Real time alerts
  • Impact: 25% reduction in configuration time and a 15% decrease in infrastructure costs

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The Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana (FUNIBER), with its expansive network of institutions and students across Spain and beyond, faces the unique challenge of managing and configuring monitoring tools across a dynamically evolving IT infrastructure, compounded by the task of integrating data from disparate sources. The organization’s IT landscape is characterized by rapid changes, requiring flexible and adaptable monitoring solutions. Compatibility issues with legacy systems and proprietary data formats further complicate the seamless integration of monitoring data, presenting significant obstacles to maintaining a cohesive and efficient monitoring strategy. Jesús Ramos, a seasoned DevOps professional at FUNIBER, found himself at the crux of these challenges.

“Managing and configuring our monitoring tools has become a considerable challenge, consuming valuable time and resources. Netdata’s intuitive interface and seamless integration capabilities have significantly simplified this process, reducing time and resources required.”

Jesús Ramos, DevOps


Netdata’s solution addresses these challenges head-on, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies the configuration process and facilitates the smooth aggregation of data from diverse sources. This ease of use and integration capability has proven invaluable to FUNIBER, enabling the organization to focus more on strategic objectives rather than being bogged down by operational complexities.

Elevating FUNIBER’s Operational Excellence with Netdata

With Netdata, FUNIBER has achieved remarkable improvements in operational efficiency and infrastructure management. The platform’s ease of setup, comprehensive dashboards, and robust alerting system have been instrumental in monitoring a variety of applications and systems, including VMs, Docker containers, reverse proxies, and critical resources like disks, RAM, and CPU. These features have not only saved time but also optimized budget by enhancing resource utilization.

“Netdata has reduced configuration time by 25%, allowing our team to allocate more time to strategic tasks and project development. We’ve also achieved a 15% reduction in infrastructure costs through better resource optimization facilitated by Netdata’s insights.”

Jesús Ramos, DevOps


One standout incident illustrating Netdata’s impact involved an unexpected spike in resource utilization, where Netdata’s real-time monitoring capabilities enabled the quick identification of an inefficient application update. This prompt response prevented potential strain on FUNIBER’s infrastructure, showcasing the platform’s capacity for immediate issue identification and resolution.

Looking to the future, FUNIBER plans to expand its use of Netdata by integrating the platform with additional tools and technologies. This strategic expansion aims to create a more comprehensive monitoring ecosystem, providing a holistic view of the organization’s entire IT landscape. By doing so, FUNIBER hopes to further enhance operational efficiency, transparency, and the overall quality of its educational offerings.

Netdata stands as a pivotal component of FUNIBER’s broader infrastructure monitoring strategy, offering real-time visibility and enhancing the organization’s ability to respond to issues promptly. As part of a well-rounded monitoring ecosystem alongside tools like Prometheus, Grafana, and Zabbix, Netdata’s role is to provide quick insights and proactive alerts, ensuring that FUNIBER’s infrastructure remains robust and responsive to the needs of its educational mission.

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