Transforming critical software development

Enhanced observability and real time metric correlation

About ADASTEC Corp

  • Leader in SAE Level-4 Automated Driving Software for commercial vehicles
  • Empowers OEMs to develop automated, shared, and connected vehicles
  • Focuses on the integration of cutting-edge technology for safer, more efficient transportation solutions


Story Snapshot

  • Key challenges: Effective alert management within software stack
  • Main features used: FOSS Agent, Netdata Cloud, apps.plugin, Alerts, Local storage
  • Impact: Enhanced monitoring and troubleshooting, facilitating critical software development

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Revolutionizing Vehicle Automation

ADASTEC, a frontrunner in automated driving software for commercial vehicles, utilizes Netdata to ensure the highest standards of reliability and efficiency in their operations. Specializing in SAE Level-4 automation, ADASTEC empowers OEMs to craft modern, automated, and connected vehicles. The challenge of distinguishing crucial alerts within their software stack posed a significant hurdle, as Tayfun Yurdaer, a DevOps specialist at ADASTEC, explains. The essential task was identifying alerts pivotal for the mission-critical applications to respond appropriately, amidst the complexity of their software environment.

The implementation of both FOSS Agent and Netdata Cloud has been instrumental in overcoming these obstacles, offering unparalleled observability across their infrastructure. With a focus on the Ubuntu LTS system and every ROS node process, Netdata has become an indispensable tool for monitoring vital metrics including CPU, disks, memory, GPUs, and the network stack.

“Netdata definitely doesn’t miss any alerts, making us confident in monitoring the product. It is the most important observability tool for production, especially since we develop highly critical software where observability is a must.”

Tayfun Yurdaer, DevOps


With Netdata’s comprehensive monitoring capabilities, ADASTEC has realized significant improvements across various domains. The platform’s ability to provide detailed insights into system performance has led to time savings and productivity gains, enabling the team to pinpoint and address issues swiftly. The adoption of Netdata has allowed for performance optimizations through effective process allocation across multiple servers, ensuring optimal resource utilization.

One notable incident highlighted by Yurdaer involves troubleshooting a performance drop in camera fps when the vehicle HMI accessories tab was accessed inside a tunnel. The correlation between HMI and camera performance was identified through Netdata, leading to a strategic reallocation of the HMI to a different local server, thereby resolving the issue without impacting vehicle operation.

Looking ahead, ADASTEC plans to further integrate Netdata alerts into the normal operation of their automated vehicles, underscoring the tool’s critical role in their developmental pipeline. As the primary tool for infrastructure monitoring, Netdata’s local storage of data, apps.plugin, and alert system are particularly valued for their adaptability and reliability in a highly specialized field.

“The ease of setup, along with the dashboard, alerts, and local storage of data, (that Netdata provides) have proven invaluable.”

Tayfun Yurdaer, DevOps


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