Streamlining IT Operations with Netdata

Simplifying Complex Monitoring for a Hybrid Infrastructure

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  • Based in the Czech Republic, with a focus on delivering innovative IT solutions.
  • Hybrid infrastructure model, incorporating both on-premises and cloud environments to best serve our diverse client base.
  • Specialize in creating seamless operational experiences, leveraging a mix of traditional and modern monitoring tools.



Story Snapshot

  • Key improvements: Enhanced real-time monitoring, Simplified troubleshooting, Increased transparency
  • Main features used: Easy deployment, Intuitive dashboard, Efficient problem identification
  • Impact: Significant time savings, Productivity boost, Budget optimization

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Addressing Monitoring Complexity

The main challenge for the organization was ensuring up-to-date, comprehensive monitoring across a diverse infrastructure, complicated by different operating systems, security requirements, and network segmentation. The varied nature of their environment made it difficult to maintain a unified view of system health and performance, often leading to delayed root cause analysis and inefficient troubleshooting processes.

Netdata’s ease of deployment and out-of-the-box functionality have been game-changers, offering immediate visibility into their systems' health with minimal setup. Its comprehensive monitoring capabilities allowed them to quickly identify and address issues, reducing the time and effort previously required for these tasks.

“Give it a try; you’ll be surprised how easy and well designed it is. Netdata has become an indispensable tool in our monitoring stack, complementing our use of Prometheus/Grafana and Nagios by providing detailed OS-level insights.”

Vladimir Siman, DevOps Specialist


Empowering the Team with Netdata

The introduction of Netdata into their IT operations has resulted in several measurable benefits:

  • Time and Productivity Gains: The streamlined setup, collection, and analysis process facilitated by Netdata has significantly improved the team’s efficiency.
  • Performance Optimization: With Netdata, the time needed to identify and resolve new issues has dramatically decreased, enhancing their overall system performance.
  • Budget Optimization and Transparency: Netdata’s precise metrics and easy-to-understand graphs have eliminated the blame game between teams, fostering a culture of transparency and collaboration.

One particularly impactful aspect of Netdata has been its role in dispelling misconceptions about infrastructure issues. On several occasions, application administrators quickly pointed fingers at the infrastructure when problems arose. However, with Netdata’s detailed visualizations and metrics, they were able to swiftly and conclusively demonstrate that the infrastructure was not at fault, greatly reducing friction and fostering a more cooperative work environment.

“Most of the time, just looking at the graphs is enough to tell what’s wrong. Netdata has not only improved our troubleshooting efficiency but has also made it easier to onboard new team members.”

Vladimir Siman, DevOps Specialist


Looking ahead, they aim to further refine their alerting processes and enhance their response strategies to alerts, capitalizing on Netdata’s robust monitoring framework. Their positive experience with Netdata serves as a testament to its value, not just as a monitoring tool, but as a critical component of their IT ecosystem that supports and enhances their operational goals.

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