Easy Doc: Revolutionizing IT Operations with Netdata

Harnessing Real-Time Insights for Enhanced Container and Cluster Health

About Easy Doc Soluções Integradas

  • A leading provider of integrated IT solutions in Brazil
  • Specializes in deploying and managing docker swarm cluster infrastructure
  • Committed to optimizing health and availability of containers and cluster nodes for seamless operations



Story Snapshot

  • Key improvements: Real-time infrastructure monitoring, Enhanced proactivity in problem-solving
  • Main features used: Container and PostgreSQL monitoring, Ease of configuration, Real-time alerts
  • Impact: 10% cost reduction in operations, 30% improvement in performance optimizations, 20% reduction in downtime

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Overcoming IT Operational Challenges

At Easy Doc Soluções Integradas, navigating the complexities of docker swarm cluster infrastructure presented significant challenges, particularly in monitoring the health and availability of containers and cluster nodes. The primary pain point was the difficulty in detecting and diagnosing the reasons behind API unavailability, especially since container restarts resulted in the loss of crucial logs. This obstacle hindered our ability to maintain high levels of service availability and performance, directly impacting our operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Netdata emerged as a critical solution to these challenges, offering an overview tab that quickly identifies which node in our cluster is consuming the most resources. This real-time visibility into our infrastructure has been invaluable.

“With the alerts configured with my Slack channel, I quickly find out about problems, significantly enhancing our response times and problem resolution proactivity.”

Rodrigo Buch Garcia

Easy Doc Soluções Integradas

Transformative Impact of Netdata

The implementation of Netdata at Easy Doc Soluções Integradas has led to measurable improvements across our operations. By providing real-time insights into container and disk utilization, as well as PostgreSQL, HAProxy, Redis, and Memcached monitoring, Netdata has enabled us to reduce operational costs by 10%, improve performance optimization efforts by 30%, and cut down downtime by 20%.

One notable instance where Netdata proved indispensable was when an ASP.Core API consumed all inodes on our cluster’s disk. Despite available disk space indicated by the df -h command, we faced a critical situation requiring a cluster restart without understanding the underlying cause. Netdata’s comprehensive monitoring capabilities allowed us to identify and resolve the issue, preventing recurrence and ensuring uninterrupted service.

“Netdata has become my daily partner in infrastructure monitoring, significantly reducing the manual effort required for problem detection and resolution, and allowing us to focus more on innovation and service enhancement.”

Rodrigo Buch Garcia

Easy Doc Soluções Integradas

Looking ahead, we plan to expand our use of Netdata to include monitoring on Windows servers, further broadening our oversight and management capabilities across our IT infrastructure. Our experience underscores the value of real-time monitoring and proactive problem-solving in maintaining and enhancing the reliability and performance of IT operations.

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