Codyas: Global Server Management with Netdata

Achieving Efficiency and Security Across Diverse Infrastructures

About Codyas

  • Specializes in managing servers with various technologies for clients worldwide.
  • Focuses on delivering exceptional development tasks and customer service.


Story Snapshot

  • Key improvements: Significant time-saving and staff dpt reallocation, Enhanced server performance, Reduced costs
  • Main features used: Ease of installation and configuration, Out of the box Alerts and notifications, Low latency
  • Impact: 67% reduction in staff dedicated to monitoring, 46% cost reduction in monitoring efforts

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Overcoming Server Management Hurdles

Codyas faces the intricate challenge of managing a vast array of servers, equipped with different technologies for various clients around the globe. The primary obstacle has been the allocation of limited time and personnel towards monitoring tasks, which detracted from the organization’s core focus on development and customer service.

“Netdata’s ease of installation and configuration has been a game-changer for us, allowing quick setup and efficient monitoring across our diverse server landscape,”

Leonardo Darell Antunez Naranjo, IT professional


Transformative Monitoring with Netdata

The adoption of Netdata has significantly improved Codyas’s server management processes. By enabling a more efficient allocation of resources, Netdata has reduced the need for extensive personnel dedicated to monitoring, thus freeing up staff for other critical tasks. This shift has not only optimized performance but also contributed to substantial cost reductions.

“The shift to Netdata has allowed us to reduce our monitoring staff by 67% and cut costs by 46%, demonstrating the platform’s incredible efficiency and impact on our operations,”

Leonardo Darell Antunez Naranjo, IT professional


Codyas primarily monitors applications and systems such as Nginx, Apache, MySQL, and Redis on Ubuntu and CentOS servers. The most valued features of Netdata include its ease of installation and configuration, the effectiveness of its alerts and notifications, and its low latency, which are crucial for maintaining the performance and reliability of Codyas’s global server operations.

“An incident involving the misuse of BI software for cryptocurrency mining was swiftly identified and mitigated thanks to Netdata’s alert system. This incident underscored the importance of Netdata in our cybersecurity strategy,”

Leonardo Darell Antunez Naranjo, IT professional


Leonardo Darell Antunez Naranjo’s experience underscores the value of Netdata in managing complex server environments. His advice to others considering Netdata is straightforward: “Embrace the change and adopt Netdata. Its transformative impact on our operations is a testament to its capabilities." Join Codyas in revolutionizing server management and cybersecurity with Netdata. Explore Netdata today.

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