From Bottlenecks to Breakthroughs

Elevating IT Monitoring with Netdata

About LANCOM Systems

  • Leading provider of networking solutions for business customers and the public sector
  • Based in Germany, LANCOM Systems specializes in secure, reliable, and future-proof infrastructure solutions
  • Emphasizes innovation in software development, particularly in the integration and monitoring of complex systems


Information Technology

Story Snapshot

  • Key improvements: Better system integration, reduced downtime, enhanced resource use
  • Main features used: Instant monitoring, Docker container insights, Broad Integrations
  • Impact: 20% less downtime, 40% cost savings on infrastructure monitoring
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Simplifying IT Monitoring Challenges

At LANCOM Systems, the transition to a more integrated and efficient IT monitoring system was driven by a desire to streamline operations and overcome the challenges associated with complex system monitoring. The company faced significant hurdles in integrating services within Docker containers and adapting to the programming language Go, despite a strong preference for Python. This challenge was further compounded by the need for a comprehensive monitoring solution that could offer extensive out-of-the-box features without necessitating extensive development work.

LANCOM Systems' journey toward resolving these pain points led to the adoption of Netdata, a platform celebrated for its simplicity and robust feature set. The immediate appeal of Netdata lay in its ease of setup and extensive integrations, which allowed LANCOM Systems to monitor their containers, Debian OS, and Prometheus exporters efficiently, effectively addressing their main challenges.

“So many out-of-the-box features! I mostly have not to develop anything and can just use Netdata directly to monitor my stuff!”

Simon Beginn

Software Developer, LANCOM Systems

Transformative Monitoring with Netdata

Netdata’s impact on LANCOM Systems has been profound, offering measurable benefits across various operational aspects. The platform’s ease of setup, broad integrations, and integrated Prometheus exporter have been instrumental in achieving a 20% reduction in downtime and a remarkable 40% cost reduction in infrastructure monitoring. These improvements have not only optimized budget allocation but also enhanced productivity and the accuracy of metrics within the organization.

One notable incident where Netdata proved invaluable involved addressing high disk usage and subsequent high response times. The ability to swiftly identify and rectify such issues underscores the platform’s role in ensuring operational efficiency and reliability. Moreover, LANCOM Systems appreciates the potential for further integration of Netdata within their product offerings, despite considerations for alternative solutions like Prometheus and Grafana.

“Downtime reduction by 20% and budget optimization by 40% highlight Netdata’s significant positive impact on our operations.”

Simon Beginn

Software Developer, LANCOM Systems

The future of LANCOM Systems' implementation of Netdata looks promising, with discussions ongoing about its integration into the company’s software solutions. This potential expansion reflects Netdata’s versatility and its capability to serve as a cornerstone in the broader infrastructure monitoring strategy, complementing other tools like Prometheus and Grafana.

In summary, LANCOM Systems' experience with Netdata exemplifies the platform’s capability to transform IT monitoring through simplicity, efficiency, and integration. As Simon Beginn aptly puts it, for collecting metrics, fast visuals, and more, the answer is Netdata.

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