Streamlining VM Monitoring with Netdata

Achieving Operational Efficiency in Rapidly Changing Environments

About Comtegra

  • Pioneers in delivering integrated technology solutions tailored for dynamic and complex IT environments.
  • Experts in handling a diverse infrastructure, with VMs constantly being deployed and decommissioned, catering to various operational needs.
  • Utilizes Ansible for provisioning across a versatile infrastructure setup, including Linux and Windows systems, NAS devices, and orchestrated clusters.


Information Technology

Story Snapshot

  • Key improvements: Rapid deployment monitoring, Real-time alerts, Comprehensive infrastructure overview
  • Main features used: Ease of VM deployment, Alerting system, System overview
  • Impact: 40% less time spent on monitoring tasks, Troubleshooting ease improved significantly
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Simplifying Virtual Machine Monitoring

Comtegra, a leader in IT solutions for storage and virtualization, faced a significant challenge in managing a dynamic environment of virtual machines (VMs). The frequent deployment and deletion of VMs, often within a single day, created a complex scenario that was both time-consuming and difficult to monitor. This challenge was particularly pronounced for Mariusz Mieszkowski, a storage specialist at Comtegra, who noted the inefficiency of performance testing and overall infrastructure management under these conditions.

The introduction of Netdata into Comtegra’s monitoring stack marked a turning point. Its easy-to-deploy agent significantly reduced the time and effort required to monitor these transient VMs. This feature alone has been pivotal in enabling Comtegra to maintain operational efficiency and deliver high-quality IT solutions.

“Easy to deploy agent help to save my time. As a storage specialist, I occasionally run some performance tests, and Netdata helps with monitoring and correlating data outputs.”

Mariusz Mieszkowski

Storage Specialist, Comtegra

Transforming Infrastructure Management with Netdata

Integrating Netdata brought measurable improvements to Comtegra’s operations. Key features like the ease of deployment on new VMs, efficient alerting, and a comprehensive overview of monitored machines directly addressed their initial challenges.

  • Time and Productivity Gains: Implementing Netdata resulted in a 40% reduction in time spent on monitoring tasks for Comtegra. This efficiency not only freed up resources for strategic initiatives but also improved the team’s productivity.
  • Enhanced Troubleshooting: The troubleshooting process became about 50% easier with Netdata, thanks to its clear metric correlations. This efficiency in identifying and resolving issues has significantly decreased downtime.
  • Real-time Alerts: The alerting system in Netdata proved invaluable, notifying the Comtegra team of critical issues, such as CPU utilization spikes during performance tests. Although these instances were not in a production environment, they highlighted Netdata’s capability to promptly detect potential problems.

“The implementation process was smooth, highlighting Netdata’s user-friendly nature. Its impact on our operations has been significant, offering time savings, productivity improvements, and enhanced troubleshooting capabilities,” reflects Mieszkowski.

“Try it, it’s really easy to deploy and will give you a really good overview of your infrastructure. And if needed, you can go deeper, and it will help you find problems that may be affecting performance.”

Mariusz Mieszkowski

Storage Specialist, Comtegra

As Comtegra looks to the future, Netdata’s scalability and flexibility will be crucial in expanding its use across more areas of IT infrastructure, ensuring the company continues to lead in providing efficient and effective IT solutions.

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