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Plugin: tc.plugin Module: tc.plugin


Examine tc metrics to gain insights into Linux traffic control operations. Study packet flow rates, queue lengths, and drop rates to optimize network traffic flow.

The plugin uses tc command to collect information about Traffic control.

This collector is only supported on the following platforms:

  • Linux

This collector supports collecting metrics from multiple instances of this integration, including remote instances.

The plugin needs to access command tc to get the necessary metrics. To achieve this netdata modifies permission of file /usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d/

Default Behavior


This integration doesn’t support auto-detection.


The default configuration for this integration does not impose any limits on data collection.

Performance Impact

The default configuration for this integration is not expected to impose a significant performance impact on the system.



Create tc-qos-helper.conf

In order to view tc classes, you need to create the file /etc/netdata/tc-qos-helper.conf with content:




The configuration file name for this integration is netdata.conf. Configuration for this specific integration is located in the [plugin:tc] section within that file.

The file format is a modified INI syntax. The general structure is:

    option1 = some value
    option2 = some other value

    option3 = some third value

You can edit the configuration file using the edit-config script from the Netdata config directory.

cd /etc/netdata 2>/dev/null || cd /opt/netdata/etc/netdata
sudo ./edit-config netdata.conf


Name Description Default Required
script to run to get tc values Path to script usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d/tc-qos-helper.s False
enable show all classes and qdiscs for all interfaces yes/no flag to control what data is presented. yes False



A basic example configuration using classes defined in /etc/iproute2/tc_cls.

An example of class IDs mapped to names in that file can be:

2:1 Standard
2:8 LowPriorityData
2:10 HighThroughputData
2:16 OAM
2:18 LowLatencyData
2:24 BroadcastVideo
2:26 MultimediaStreaming
2:32 RealTimeInteractive
2:34 MultimediaConferencing
2:40 Signalling
2:46 Telephony
2:48 NetworkControl

You can read more about setting up the tc rules in rc.local in this GitHub issue.

  script to run to get tc values = /usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d/
  enable show all classes and qdiscs for all interfaces = yes


Metrics grouped by scope.

The scope defines the instance that the metric belongs to. An instance is uniquely identified by a set of labels.

Per network device direction

Metrics related to QoS network device directions. Each direction (in/out) produces its own set of the following metrics.


Label Description
device The network interface.
device_name The network interface name
group The device family


Metric Dimensions Unit
tc.qos a dimension per class kilobits/s
tc.qos_packets a dimension per class packets/s
tc.qos_dropped a dimension per class packets/s
tc.qos_tokens a dimension per class tokens
tc.qos_ctokens a dimension per class ctokens


There are no alerts configured by default for this integration.

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