Take the out-of-the-box monitoring power of the Netdata Agent.

And multiply across your entire infrastructure with Netdata Cloud.

2,000+ charts & 200+ alerts per node

Netdata will collect every metric possible and display them as addictively gorgeous, living, breathing charts. And when any metric exceeds its pre-configured level, Netdata will post it on your alerts tab – and notify you via the platform of your choice.

Integrations with common internal and external collectors, notification agents and observability backends

Netdata automatically detects and monitors the processes, applications and services running on your systems. You can also set up email alarm notifications and export metrics (from individual nodes) to other time-series databases like Graphite or Prometheus. View all integrations.

Real-time monitoring, single-second granularity

Edge-based data collection achieves hundred-millisecond latency, while single-second granularity removes the guesswork from your troubleshooting. Only with Netdata.

Unique eBPF monitoring

Get unique insights to let you troubleshoot and debug the way your applications interact with the Linux kernel.

Aggregated dashboard with preconfigured composite charts

See every real-time chart and metric you need to understand the status of your infrastructure. And with zero configuration, composite charts visualize metrics from every node assigned to a War Room, or a configurable subset.

Distributed architecture, privacy by design

Netdata Cloud’s distributed data architecture is so fast and efficient, there’s no limit to the number of metrics you can follow. And with metrics live-streamed to your dashboard, we don’t collect data centrally, ensuring complete data privacy. See how

Zero-config Kubernetes collection and visualization

Just connect the Netdata Agent to your Kubernetes cluster with our Helm chart, and it automatically spins up the appropriate number of pods and collects an unlimited number of metrics from the node itself, kubelet/kube-proxy, and any containerized services/applications such as databases and web servers. Learn more.

Troubleshoot with opinionated alerts before incidents cost money

Pre-configured (and tweakable) performance thresholds send automated warnings from any affected node. Your Alerts Panel lists all active alerts, what charts are affected, their current values, and when the anomaly began—to help you and your team drive down response times.

Intelligence-assisted anomaly detection, alerts and correlations

Our pioneering ML learns what’s “normal” so it can instantly detect and alert you to an emerging anomaly. Then our Metric Correlations feature can scan every other metric to show you any related anomalies within the same time frame. In your face, anomalies.

Team-based troubleshooting with Spaces and War Rooms

Allocate nodes to Spaces, where separate teams can focus on different parts of your infrastructure. Respond to alerts in tactical War Rooms, organized by service, location, purpose or incident, and troubleshoot at speed.

Navigate to any node remotely

Our Nodes View gives you a single view into every node running Netdata Agent. See and customize key metrics and seamlessly navigate to any node’s dashboard for granular performance troubleshooting.

Customize dashboards to your performance targets

It’s easy to build new dashboards that target your infrastructure’s unique needs. Put key metrics from any number of distributed systems in one place for a fully interactive, real-time, bird’s eye view of your most important charts. Learn how.

Prevent infrastructure crises. Without ownership headaches.

Migrate with confidence

Just sign in, free, point our self-configuring magic at your individual nodes, and watch your dashboard take shape. Allocate nodes and team members to Spaces and War Rooms—and go. See the whole process in 90 seconds.

Automate your node connection

Complex infrastructure? You don’t need to connect each node individually—simply use an automation tool like Ansible. Full instructions here.

Shortest time to value

Slash time-to-value from weeks to as little as hours. With auto-integration, self-configuration, team-based troubleshooting, and automated anomaly notifications and correlations.

Lowest cost of ownership

All current functionality permanently free. No extra computing resources or dedicated expertise required. Auto-updates. An engaged, supportive community. Ready?

Start troubleshooting now with Netdata Cloud – free

No long-winded forms. No 14-day free trials. No credit cards. No limitations. Just sign in with your work email address, or existing GitHub or Google account.