System upgrade gone bad? Customer traffic bottlenecked? When the pressure’s on, Netdata is a fundamentally faster, easier way to troubleshoot the most complex issues—and every iota of its current functionality is permanently free. Here’s what you need to know to start taking back control:

Scroll down for a birds-eye view of Netdata

Netdata Agent plus Netdata Cloud for maximum troubleshooting power.

The open-source Netdata Agent works on almost any physical or virtual server, cloud service, container or IoT device to collect and visualize every available metric in real time.

Netdata Cloud aggregates metrics from each Agent to a single dashboard—and adds more anomaly detection and resolution power. It also enables team-based troubleshooting to accelerate your resolution of complex performance problems. And, unbelievably, it’s all free. Scroll down for a conceptual view of how it all works.

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We’ve automated everything for you.

With Netdata, you shouldn’t need to configure anything yourself to get up and running. With automated installation, integrations to collectors and backends, and metric visualizations, you’ll get visibility of your infrastructure in minutes rather than hours or days. Even alerts come preconfigured. So you can fix emerging IT issues before they become business nightmares.

Latency is measured in milliseconds

Netdata is insanely quick. It also runs ultra-light and keeps your data secure.

Netdata’s unique edge-based metric collection gives you real-time visibility of thousands of metrics. And because your data is stored at the edge, security is ensured. What’s more, as Netdata uses only “spare” resource at the edge, troubleshooting doesn’t divert computing resources to monitoring, and you can troubleshoot at any scale without deploying extra resources.

Here’s how it all works:

Netdata Agent: Real-time metric-gathering magic

Netdata Cloud: Enhanced any-scale troubleshooting

Get a hands-on Netdata experience

There’s nothing like trying something for real. Visit this live Netdata Agent dashboard and scroll through hundreds of charts or click straight to a subset. Zoom in for second-by-second granularity. Just a warning—it’s instantly addictive.

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